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  Posted by: The Probe      22nd December 2019

Advanced but user friendly, the Lisa Type B vacuum sterilizer from W&H is intelligently designed to make your decontamination process as easy and effective as possible.

Featuring patented Eco Dry technology, Lisa can effectively sterilize an average load (2kg) from 13 minutes. This cutting-edge Eco Dry technology tailors the drying time to the precise mass of the load, reducing unnecessary wear and energy consumption.

What’s more, Lisa automatically documents traceability for you, providing convenience and peace of mind. It can also integrate with the Lisa Mobile App, which enables real time remote monitoring among other features.

Lisa is efficient but thorough, saving you time and money without compromising performance.


To find out more about the W&H range of decontamination products, visit, call 01727 874990 or email

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