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Training that ‘ticks all the boxes and more’

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  Posted by: The Probe      6th November 2019

Dr Ebere Maduabuchi is currently taking the PG Cert in Dental Implants with Ucer Education, following recommendations from colleagues. She says:

“I joined a practice that focuses on implant dentistry and has a very impressive success rate. The Principal’s approach is very positive and thoroughly enjoyable, with lots of happy patients and staff. I asked what course his dentists did, did my own research and then went on it immediately. I have not been disappointed.

“The training is absolutely ticking all the boxes and more. So far, we have covered key areas like demystifying implant dentistry and a variety of systems.

“I am finding it very rich in content. On-going support is also available from the easily approachable staff and lecturers. The quality of the instructors is very good and they all provide unbiased advice to enable us to make informed decisions.

“Upon completion, I believe this course will improve my knowledge, confidence and patient selection in the field of dental implantology, helping me on my journey to continue learning and improving. I would greatly recommend the course to others.”


For more information on the PG Cert in Implant Dentistry, please visit or call 0161 237 1842

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