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Atraumatic oral surgery

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  Posted by: The Probe      14th September 2019

“I bought the Piezomed from W&H after attending a sinus grafting and ridge splitting course, as I wanted to be able to manipulate bone atraumatically,” says Dr Eimear O’Connell. “I now use the device for the preparation of the implant bed following extraction, and before immediate implant placement to ensure the bone is completely clean.

“Due to my success with the Piezomed, I started using the Implantmed and the new Osstell Beacon for dental implant treatment, checking the ISQ at placement and then before the implant is loaded. The touch control of the Implantmed is very clear and user-friendly. The system itself is reliable and all of its useable parts can be autoclaved, which is great for implant surgery.

“What’s more, the customer service I have received from W&H has been excellent. Our practice rarely has any issues but if we do, W&H is readily available to sort them out. The team is also extremely friendly, which is lovely.” 


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