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  Posted by: The Probe      13th July 2019

Quality removable partial dentures created from Ultaire®AKP are a viable, cutting-edge alternative to traditional metal or flexible devices.

Ultaire®AKP is a lightweight, biocompatible, material specifically developed for advanced digital manufacturing processes.

With bone-like properties, Ultaire®AKP offers comfortable retention with a natural feel and its creators, Solvay Dental 360®are happy to visit dental practices to explain the benefits of using metal-free, polymer based frameworks.

A well-fitting denture can help to maintain a youthful appearance; aid function and become a part of your patient’s life. So contact Solvay 360®today to find out more.


To book a Solvay Dental 360®Professional Lunch and Learn or to find more information about Ultaire®AKP and Dentivera®milling discs,
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