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  Posted by: The Probe      14th February 2019

Consider the Piezomed from W&H as a time-saving solution in complex oral surgery.

Thanks to its innovative design, the Piezomed system is able to automatically detect instruments upon insertion and assign them to the correct power class, thereby reducing the risk of overloading during surgery.

The Piezomed allows you to effectively alternate between instruments, facilitating a more flexible and efficient working environment, without compromising patient safety.

W&H offers practitioners a range of high-performance Piezomed instruments to choose from – all engineered for use in a variety of procedures, including bone surgery, periodontology and extraction, retrograde endodontics as well as lateral sinus lifting.

What’s more, the innovative ultrasound technology of the Piezomed system permits minimally invasive operation with maximum surgical precision – a welcome relief for patients who want less pain for more gain!

Experience the force of the Piezomed. Contact the friendly W&H team today.

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