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  Posted by: The Probe      9th February 2019

Rodericks Dental is proud to do things a little differently – we are run by dental professionals, for dental professionals. We understand the pressures in practice and we strive to make it easier for our teams to deliver excellent patient care. In fact, three members of our Executive Board come from clinical backgrounds, meaning we can empathise and support individuals in the right ways.

“We are committed to excellent patient care above all else,” says Shalin Mehra, Chief Executive Officer of Rodericks. “As some of the Directors – myself included – have worked in practices ourselves, we really understand the challenges our teams face and we appreciate their hard work and dedication all-the-more. We also have the practical experience to deliver effective resources and support that make the lives of our clinicians and their teams easier, enabling them to focus on ensuring high quality patient care.

“We do this by focusing on four core areas – support, development, quality and performance. We have an extensive network of clinical advisors and administrative support teams, led by highly experienced professionals. The group offers on-going CPD and learning opportunities are made available to all team members, either offered free of charge or at discounted rates and we also have 19 established FD training practices. Clinical freedom is prioritised for dentists, with a choice of high quality materials made available in addition to cutting-edge equipment such as rotary endodontics and digital imaging. These further help to ensure high quality patient care and exceptional standards across all our practices.”

As part of the training and development opportunities available, Rodericks offers career pathways for all team members. For dentists, there is the chance to become Clinical Advisors, FD trainers and Associate Recruitment Advisors, as well as the possibility of postgraduate training in specialist fields. There is just as much opportunity for dental hygienists, dental therapists and dental nurses, as Dawn Farrell, Chief Operating Officer goes on to say:

“Career progression is very important to us at Rodericks. Having started as a dental nurse myself, I want all our dental nurses to have access to a defined pathway so they can work towards becoming a lead dental nurse, practice manager or even more senior roles. There are also opportunities to become champions for compliance or practice management software, audit leads, commissioning leads, and much more. For those interested in moving into financial or accounting positions at Head Office, this is possible, too. There are equally as exciting opportunities for dental hygienists and therapists to advance their skills and take on more responsibilities in practice and within the wider community. As such, we have seen professionals within Rodericks progress from dental hygienists or practice managers to dentists, receptionists to dental nurses and dental nurses to area managers – the possibilities are endless and we are keen to invest in our teams to ensure that all practices run happily and efficiently. We are currently developing our dental nurse career pathway starting with additional skills training.”

To the same end, Rodericks work hard to maintain open communication channels between our practices, management teams and Head Office, so that we can implement processes for positive practical changes on the ground.

Discussing her main project at the moment, Catherine Brady, Chief Clinical Officer for Rodericks, comments:

“A recent survey found that many dentists working within the NHS are experiencing high stress levels. I’m therefore looking into what causes these feelings and exploring how as a group we can help to alleviate them. I also work in an NHS practice, so I have first-hand experience of what it is like on a daily basis.

“The threat of complaints and the pressure of regulation seem to be the main causes of stress and these are areas we are very confident that we can help our dentists with. We feel able to lighten these burdens by offering comprehensive support if and when complaints are raised, aiming to ensure a speedy, satisfactory outcome for our patients and our dentists. It is our mission to communicate this to help reduce stress among our teams, while also helping them to better understand the processes involved for complete peace of mind. Our practices are 100% CQC compliant and we also have one ‘notable’ practice which we are extremely proud of. I believe support is key to lessoning the burdens on professionals and improving treatments for patients. We also have an ‘in-house’ professional development programme managed by one of our Directors that tailors professional learning to help meet the changing needs of our patients.

“We actively encourage feedback from our practice teams and patients so that we can tailor support accordingly and communicate with everyone more effectively.”

In order to give our clinicians and support staff a chance to voice their opinions, members of the senior management team recently participated in a road-show, visiting many practices to speak directly to individuals. The aim was to establish how we could make their lives easier and enable them to deliver excellent patient care. Following this we developed a strategy to put their feedback into action wherever we could.

Only by working together will we achieve our collective goals. Going forwards, we are keen to keep the family-feel we believe we have retained from the beginnings of Rodericks, providing the structures and support our teams need to deliver excellent patient care while enjoying successful career progression.


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