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  Posted by: The Probe      6th November 2018

Quality counts when it comes to dental restorations, and at Sparkle Dental Labs this is certainly the case.

Not only has the lab reorganised its management system to ensure that quality control is better than ever before, but it has also introduced a number of technological innovations including a CAD/CAM suite and state-of-the-art 3D printers, all in the pursuit of creating the best restorations possible.

This cutting-edge technology combined with an extensive quality control process and careful monitoring during every stage of fabrication guarantee that only the best of the best restorations make it to the practice, ensuring that patients receive the finest care possible.

Sparkle Dental Labs also offers free delivery and a fast turnaround, meaning that no matter what restorative solution you need, you can be sure to receive it fast.

Experience high quality restorations and exceptional customer care by choosing Sparkle Dental Labs.

For more information, contact Sparkle Dental Labs on 0800 138 6255, or visit

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