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  Posted by: The Probe      1st August 2018

A worldwide name in image-assisted diagnostics, MyRay is the future of digital imaging.

Using the latest technologies and techniques MyRay has created some of the profession’s leading designs, including the Hyperion X9, Hyperion X5 and RXDC X-ray unit with Hypersphere technology.

While all of the imaging equipment available offers something unique to dentists and their dental teams, each MyRay digital imager is designed using the same set of principles. That is to create a safe solution with low dosage, ultra-sharp imaging and easy to use functions.

To find out more about the specific applications and design features of the various products, get in touch with RPA Dental. As the UK supplier of MyRay equipment, RPA Dental will be able to help you with the selection process before delivering and installing the equipment and providing staff training.

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