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CQC application done the right way

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  Posted by: The Probe      1st August 2018

The CQC application process can be a minefield, so when Alex Price started proceedings to become sole owner of his practice, he recruited the services of Dental Elite to assist him through the procedure.

We knew the application process was going to be complex and we wanted to get everything right first time,” he says, “so rather than doing it ourselves and potentially making a mistake we enlisted an expert adviser to help us.”

 For the duration of the process, Alex worked with CQC Manager, Helen Craine, who was fantastic from start to finish. “She not only made sure that everything was on track, but advised us on what steps to take and when, and was in constant contact throughout the entire process.

“Because of Dental Elite the whole process was stress-free and it freed up my time to get on with other things – I would definitely recommend to others.”

If you’re buying or selling a dental practice and need help with your CQC application, contact Dental Elite now.

 For more information on Dental Elite visit, email or call 01788 545 900

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