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  Posted by: The Probe      10th July 2018

Boasting multifarious features and options of magnification, the Carl Zeiss EyeMag Pro loupes from Nuview are renowned for their high performance across multiple professions, not just dentistry.

Mr. Ramy Waly, a Speciality Doctor in Paediatric surgery, Belfast Paediatric Surgery Unit, for instance, utilises the loupes for neonatal and fine tissue surgery and paediatric urology.

“When I tried the EyeMag Pro loupes with the assistance of the Nuview team, I felt satisfied that they were the right set,” says Mr. Waly. “That is because the loupes have great magnification and quality lenses.

“Plus, Nuview provides a dedicated, on-going after-care service.

“As a result, I would recommend the EyeMag Pro loupes and Nuview to other professionals.”

Carl Zeiss loupes are specifically designed to provide close magnification in situations where pinpoint clarity is paramount. They offer a high image quality and a greater depth of field, meaning they are ideal for a number of healthcare settings and tasks. To find out more, contact Nuview.

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