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  Posted by: The Probe      15th June 2018

To help your patients’ dentures stay good as new, why not recommend Curaprox’s range of Biological Denture Care (BDC) products?

Unlike standard denture cleaners, BDC solutions do not contain any chemicals, abrasives, hydrochloric acid or other harmful ingredients.

They use natural, gentle agents such as citric acid, eucalyptus oil and sea salt instead, all of which help to minimise irritation and ensure patients’ mouth and gums remain healthy.

The BDC range also protects dentures from becoming brittle or fragile, which can happen with regular denture cleaners, and ensures white stays white and pink stays pink.

Products currently available in the line include the BDC 100 daily gel, BDC 105 weekly concentrate as well as practical cleaning boxes and denture specific brushes.

For a complete kit that provides patients with everything they need to look after their dentures safely and to a high standard, there’s the BDC 190 set, which also contains the best selling CS 5460 ultra soft toothbrush.

By providing your patients with natural oral care products, you could help improve their quality of life – so contact Curaprox today to find out more.

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