The wisdom behind great oral hygiene habits

Presented by Dr Barry Oulton B.Ch.D DPDS MNLP, Owner, The Confident Dentist Academy

This hour long event will explain how habits are formed and reinforced and dentists / hygienists / therapists will understand the communication skills so that their patients follow their advice and have great oral hygiene habits.

Part one will focus on

  • What a habit is.
  • How a habit is formed and reinforced and how you can use this to your advantage in serving your patients.
  • How to improve the oral hygiene routines of your patients.

Part two will focus on

  • Subconscious influence using neurolinguistic programming.
  • Language skills to ensure patients follow your advice for great oral hygiene habits.

In addition, Dr Barry Oulton will be available for live questions following the online training.
GDC development outcomes A,B and D will be covered.