The Comfortable Injection Technique by Dr Barry Oulton and Septodont

Dr Barry Oulton and Septodont

The Comfortable Injection Technique

Join us online for insight into comfortable dentistry…

An invaluable online seminar, ‘Comfortable dentistry – talking, techniques and tips’ presented by The Confident Dentist, Dr Barry Oulton, in association with Septodont.

The hour-long event will share inspirational knowledge that dentists will be able use straight away in practice.

Part one of the seminar will focus on three issues:
1. How to achieve patient satisfaction
2. Exploration of pain physiology and psychology
3. Local anaesthesia materials and techniques; what to use and when.

The second part, which is CPD accredited, will cover:
1. Subconscious influence using neuro-linguistic programming
2. Language skills to inspire patients
3. How to put everything together in practice.

In addition, Barry will be available for questions live, following the online seminar.
If you would like to improve your communication techniques to provide comfortable dentistry, this online seminar is for you!