Join us online for insight into Impressions…

Dr Kunal Shah, in association with 3M Oral Care

An invaluable online seminar, ‘Impressions – What makes a good impression, Impregum for Implants and The Introduction of Impregum Super Quick’ presented by, Dr Kunal Shah, in association with 3M Oral Care.

The hour-long event will share inspirational knowledge that dentists will be able use straight away in general practice.

The seminar will be split into 2 parts – Theory and Clinical Application with the following Aims:

1. Brief Overview of Impression Materials
2. Understanding the Properties of Impression Materials with focus on Elastomers
3. Impregum vs VPS
4. The Process of taking a good Impression – Delivery Systems, Trays and Retraction
5. Impregum for Implants and Introduction of Super Quick
6. Financial Benefits of using Impregum in your practice

In addition, Kunal will be available for questions live, following the online seminar.

If you would like to improve your knowledge on impressions, enhance your impression technique to ensure better Crown Fits and reduce remakes, this online seminar is for you!