Habit change for improved oral health outcomes

Presenter biography:

Tim Newton is Professor and Consultant in Psychology as Applied to Dentistry at King’s College London Dental Institute / Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust. He is also Honorary Consultant Health Psychologist to the Office of the Chief Dental Officer (England) and an Honorary Professor at both University College London and University College Cork. An IADR distinguished scientist, he is a World authority on the application of psychological theory in dentistry. His particular interests include interventions to enhance oral health-related behaviour and the management of dental anxiety.

Patients’ behaviour is a key determinant of their oral health though for many their oral self-care remains less than optimal. The dental team are an important, reliable and credible source of information and guidance on oral health habits for patients and members of the general public. This webinar will look at how members of the dental team can be maximally effective at working with patients to ensure great oral health outcomes, especially during the challenging times we all find ourselves facing currently. The webinar will take psychological theory and explore how this can be applied to deliver care for patients which supports them to maintain healthy behaviours.

To support DHCPs in a changing and challenging professional landscape
To encourage and support habits to better support the oral health of their patients.
Offering practical tips and understanding patient adherence.

Learning Outcomes:
– Understand the impact of Covid-19 on patient and clinician behaviours
– Understand how to comprehend and respond to changing behaviours
– Understand the role of habit in behaviour