First Steps towards fully biocompatible dentistry

Overview: Biodentine placement in a simple occlusal cavity

Practice principal Dr Nicola Bone from The Natural Smile Dental Practice in Bristol will, in
today’s webinar, introduce her rationale for routine use of biodentine in general dental
practice before demonstrating in patient use for a simple restoration.
With a q&a session after the live webinar.

The aim is to deliver a good understanding of the reasons for, value and techniques of,
Biodentine placement in a simple restoration, with significant dentine loss.
Delegates will be able to observe chairside live patient cavity preparation, mixing, handling and
placement techniques to the point of readiness for direct placement of an overlying restoration.

Development outcomes:
By the end of the webinar delegates will have an increased understanding of some of the
technical aspects of single visit biodentine placement to the point of direct final restoration.
Also, to start to gain an understanding of how Biodentine can be used for all aspects of dentine
replacement as part of fully biocompatible restorative dentistry in general practice.

GDC development outcome: C