Discover calcivis® and how bioluminescence is revolutionising the management of dental caries

Flora Couper, Educator and Product Specialist will host an interview style webinar with the team of experts that created and developed the CALCIVIS imaging system.
Delegates will hear from Dr Christopher Longbottom, the paediatric dentist and leading cariologist that created the original concept of the CALCIVIS imaging system.
Bruce Vernon, the Chief Technical Officer will explain how the CALCIVIS technology was developed and how it works as an early detection system to support the preventive approach and increase patient understanding.
Practice principal, Dr Leanne Branton from Southside Dental Care in Edinburgh will take a detailed look at the clinical success she has achieved and how the technology benefits her patients as well as her practice.

The aim is to deliver a good understanding of how the CALCIVIS technology works and how it can be used to transform the management of dental caries by enabling practitioners to work at the very early stages of the disease process.

Delegates will discover the value of being able to visualise active demineralisation; differentiate between active and inactive caries lesions; monitor remineralisation procedures and appreciate the benefits that this technology offers for patients, dental professionals and dental practices.

Development outcomes:
By the end of the webinar, delegates will have an increased understanding of bioluminescent technology and the advantages of reliable visual evidence of active demineralisation for the practice of better preventive, minimally invasive dentistry.

GDC development outcome: C