Bioactive materials in modern endodontics

By John Rhodes BDS, FDS, MSc, MFGDP, MRD RCS Specialist in Endodontics

This webinar provides an insight into a rapidly developing area of endodontics.

• What are Bioceramics?
• What’s in the box?
BioRoot and Biodentine
• Mixing and manipulation
• BioRoot – obturation techniques
• Biodentine – the many uses
• Questions and Answers Live

By the end of the webinar delegates should have a good understanding of the many uses of Bioceramic materials in Endodontics. They should be aware of where, when and how to use BioRoot and Biodentine.

Development Outcomes:
By the end of the webinar delegates will be confident to use Bioceramic materials in practice and incorporate them into their endodontic procedures. The webinar conforms to GDC development outcome C (Maintenance and development of knowledge and skill within your field of practice)