Start Christmas early with Kemdent!

Start Christmas early in November with Kemdent’s popular Christmas hamper promotion.
Spend just £150 + VAT on Kemdent products and get a free hamper for you and your staff, brimming with festive treats. The more you spend in November, the bigger and more luxurious the hamper!
There are so many products offers to choose from, getting a hamper will be easy!
Dental practices can also take advantage of this fantastic offer: Buy 5 x 20/pack Diamond Rapid Set Capsules and get the 6th for just one penny! Only £174.01 + VAT
Diamond Rapid Set Capsules are a real alternative to posterior composites and amalgam. The extremely user-friendly and cost-effective Glass Ionomer Cement are pre-dosed and packed in individual, easy to access foils.
The capsules are durable and resistant to edge chipping. Diamond Rapid Set Capsules can be used to perform non-load bearing class I and II restorations, together with deciduous teeth, the sandwich technique and core build-ups. After 6 months they develop a compressive strength of 350MPa.
The chemical snap set renders the material resistant to saliva and moisture almost immediately. It adheres to both enamel and dentine without the need for preparation of the tooth surface or light curing, ideal for use when speed and reliability are of the essence.
To find out how you can get your free Kemdent Christmas hamper call Jodie on 01793 770256. E-mail or visit our website

Have you heard the news? Association of Dental Groups – ADG

In case you haven’t heard already, the Association of Dental Groups (ADG) has joined forces with Dental Update and The Dentist for its upcoming Bursary Awards in 2018.

“It’s a very exciting time for all of us involved in the Awards,” says David Worskett, Chair of the ADG. “We have always been dedicated to supporting education and innovation, and now thanks to our partnership with Dental Update and The Dentist, we will be able to give even more back to the future stars of dentistry.”

As part of this collaboration, there will be a number of exciting prizes and opportunities up for grabs, including:

  • Free entry to the Dental Update Study Day for all winners
  • Editorial space in The Dentist for the undergraduate winners
  • Editorial space and a seat on the Dental Update’s reading panel for 12 months for the postgraduate winner
  • Cash prizes of up to £1,500

Submissions for the Bursary Awards must be made by the 30th June 2018, so if you or someone you know would like to apply, get started on your application today!

For more information about the ADG visit

iRYS – your simple tool

For user-friendly imaging software that you can rely on, try MyRay’s iRYS. Available from RPA Dental, iRYS allows you to multi-layer panoramic images, view anatomical structures with realistic 3D rendering, assess the quality of the bone and surrounding structures and complete an implant simulation with preloaded libraries.

The multi-desktop management system also allows you to browse, access and visualise images quickly and effortlessly, as well as share with patients to engage them in the treatment plan – and all in less than a minute.

Best of all, iRYS is compatible with other software for flexibility and optimal results. For all this and more, all you need to do is contact RPA Dental, a leading provider of MyRay solutions. The team will be more than happy to help you discover the benefits of using iRYS software.


RPA Dental Equipment Ltd.

Visit us at

London and Manchester Sales and Service Centres call 08000 933 975


Getting the Goods on Implants

“I gained a lot of additional information from the Ten Dental Implant Study Club to share with patients on their suitability for implants,” says Dr Victoria Gill, an associate dentist at Infinity Dental Care in London.

“I am now able to discuss the subject more knowledgably and also inform my patients of the options that are available to them.

“I had heard about the study course from a flyer that came through to the practice, and then I met Nik and Martin. The venues were great – they use just the right amount of space, so you can see and hear everyone who is taking part – and the food was good.

“The speakers were excellent: they always took questions, and made sure to explain things clearly and in the right amount of detail.

“I recommend the Ten Dental Implant Study Club as a good introduction to implants. It’s wonderful to be with colleagues who are in the same situation, because you can relate and discuss issues with them.”


For more details or to reserve a space on a Ten Dental course, please contact Andrea at or 020 86727766.

The freedom of cordless – Waterpik

For a convenient portable alternative, Waterpik International, Inc. has developed the Waterpik® Cordless Freedom Water Flosser.

Featuring a compact lightweight design, the Cordless Freedom is battery operated with no charging required, this makes it ideal for use when travelling. The microfiber travel bag and water plug prevent leakage during transport and add to overall convenience.

Your patients can use the Cordless Freedom with their favourite mouthwash and with the choice of three water flossing tips, a clean fresh sensation can be achieved easily. Furthermore, its dual-water pressure control system allows patients to personalise water pressure intensity, while the complete waterproof casing means they can even use this innovative adjunct in the shower.

Waterpik® Water Flossers have been proven safe and effective for all patients, including those with orthodontic appliances, implants, crowns, bridges and diabetes. They are also clinically proven to remove up to 99.9% of plaque from treated areas with a three second application.[i]

Don’t let travel get in the way of your patients maintaining optimal oral health – find out more today about the Waterpik® Cordless Freedom Water Flosser.

For more information on Waterpik International, Inc. please visit Waterpik® products are available from Amazon, Costco UK and Superdrug stores across the UK and Ireland.


[i] Gorur, A., Lyle, D. M., Schaudinn, C., & Costerton, J. W. (2009). Biofilm removal with a dental water jet. Compend Contin Ed Dent, 30, 1-6.

Superior Design For Effective Oral Health Maintenance

We all appreciate the importance of good oral health to encourage the best possible outcome of implant surgery.

Wisdom Toothbrushes provides a selection of solutions designed specifically to make patients’ home care routines easy and effective.

For example, the Wisdom Clean Between Interdental Brushes feature uniquely designed soft, flexible, micro-fine rubber filaments, which enables the brush to slide between teeth and around implants for a highly effective yet gentle clean. The tapered, flexible and wire-free design minimises potential trauma to the gingiva and makes the brushes easy to use, even for those who have previously found wire interdental brushes difficult or uncomfortable to use. Clinically proven to reduce gum disease [i],[ii] and available in three sizes, the brushes are ideal for use in interdental spaces of various dimensions.

The new Wisdom Super Slim Interspace Brush offers a longer, thinner tuft, for a better clean in deeper periodontal pockets and around implants.

With such superior design, it’s no wondered Wisdom products are highly recommended by dental professionals. Find out more about the benefits available to your implant patients today!



To find out more, please visit or

call 01440 714800

[i] Yost et el, Interproximal gingivitis and plaque reduction by four interdental products. J Clin Dent. 2006;17(3):79-83.

[ii] Prof. Dr. Petra Ratka-Krüger et al, Clinical trial of a metal-free interdental brush. University Medical Centre Freiburg, Germany. Pub Nov 2010.

The Human Hand is remarkable – Unigloves

The human hands are amazing instruments of touch, expression and ability. They are probably the most valuable tools in your armamentarium and they should be looked after properly with high quality gloves from the Unigloves Vitality range.

Unigloves understands that you need premium quality and strength for effective protection but as experts in the field, Unigloves also know how to care for your hands properly.

Vitality gloves are available in a variety of sizes for the most suitable and comfortable fit. They feature double-chlorinated beaded cuffs making them easy to put on and remove as well as a micro-roughened texture to ensure optimal grip.

For an added bonus, Unigloves also coat the internal surface of each glove with a soothing Vitamin E (Lano-E) moisturiser to keep your hands flexible and hydrated.

The Vitality range includes:


  • Vitality Nitrile – white, powder-free with Lano-E coating
  • Vitality Latex – white, powder-free with Lano-E coating
  • Vitality Latex scented – green, powder-free with Lano-E coating and scented with a pleasant citrus and peppermint flavour


Your hands are remarkable and for gloves that offer protection and care, contact Unigloves today.

For further information about Unigloves products, please visit

Embracing innovation – Nobel Biocare

“As a leading implant company, Nobel Biocare has a reputation for sound clinical outcomes and it relies on independent research to validate the effectiveness of its products. I have used Nobel Biocare’s solutions for 20 years, embracing its innovations and forward-thinking research. In addition, the team is second to none.”

Philip Pettemerides, Principal of Edgar Buildings Dental Care in Bath, comments on the creos family of guided bone and tissue regeneration products from Nobel Biocare. This includes the creos xenoprotect collagen membrane and the creos xenogain bone substitute. He continues:

“creos xenoprotect is very easy to use. It does not slump when wet, appears to act as an effective barrier and with its extended period before resorbing, it provides creos xenogain time to integrate without soft tissue ingress. When used with the ‘sausage technique’ – where tacks retain the membrane and consolidate the bone particles – we are seeing excellent results.

“I have also experienced good maintenance of bone contours with creos xenogain, plus it is easy to handle via various delivery methods. The small diameter tube delivery is particularly effective in lateral window sinus lift procedures.

“I would thoroughly recommend both creos xenoprotect and creos xenogain to anyone placing implants in compromised sites.”


For more information, contact Nobel Biocare on 0208 756 3300, or visit


A new generation of dental implants

Dental Express, a trading division of Surgery Express LLP, is the exclusive UK distributor of TBR implant systems.

This includes the revolutionary TBR Z1 implant, which is one of the most advanced implant systems on the market today. As the world’s only tissue-level implant that combines zirconia and titanium in one seamless component, the Z1 combines excellent osseointegrative properties with optimal soft-tissue management to allow for enhanced treatment results.

The one-of-a-kind combination of zirconia and titanium is the reason why the Z1 system can achieve unmatched clinical outcomes, outclassing traditional bone level implants in terms of patient ergonomics and final aesthetics. Thanks to the zirconia emergence of the Z1, the implant is provided with a unique protective shield that protects both the crestal bone and gingiva, reducing the risk of iatrogenic inflammation or infection.


For more information, visit, call on 0800 707 6212 or email at 

To learn more about the Z1 implant at:


Dental Elite Reveals Mid Year Goodwill Results

It might have only been six months since the last goodwill report, but the results from Dental Elite are very telling about evolving market changes.

“In our results we’ve noticed that goodwill values have fallen slightly across the South West, North East and in Yorkshire, most likely as a result of continuing issues with recruitment,” says Luke Moore, co-founder of Dental Elite. “Saying that, the average practice sale value excluding freehold has increased by 7.67 percentage points.

“Other than that, it is interesting to see that the value of mixed practices have overtaken NHS practices, while the multiple of adjusted net profit has increased by an average of 0.5x across the board.”

For more information or to view Dental Elite’s full report, contact the team today.


For more information on Dental Elite visit, email or call 01788 545 900