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BDNJ Winter 2020 – Dental nurses – recognising and reacting to medical emergencies GDC Development Outcome C

Course Dates: 13th March 2020 - 13th March 2022
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Understand what to do in the event of a cardiac emergency

Understand the role of the dental team during emergencies and the difference that swift action can make

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GDC publishes 2021 fitness to practise and registration statistical reports

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About the Course

The General Dental Council (GDC) has today published its annual statistical reports for 2021 on fitness to practise and registration.

Both reports benefit from efforts with the professions to build a more complete picture of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) data, enabling the regulator to better understand the diversity of the professions. EDI data is now provided by almost 92% of professionals – a huge improvement on the 66% held in 2020. Over time, this information will be used to understand the impact of regulation on people who share protected characteristics and will enable the GDC to detect discrimination and work to eliminate it.

This has made it possible – for the first time – for the fitness to practise report to include a reliable breakdown of cases by EDI characteristics, including ethnicity.

The report highlights that of all concerns received by the GDC in 2021, a disproportionately high number were raised against Asian or Asian British dentists (28%) when compared to their proportion of the total register (24%). Conversely, White dentists were underrepresented (43% of all concerns raised) when compared to their proportion of the register (50%).

While these differences were evident in relation to concerns raised with the GDC, the report indicates the regulator progressed concerns in broadly the same proportions they were received.

GDC Executive Director of Fitness to Practise, John Cullinane, said: “This is the first time we have published EDI data in the context of fitness to practise and we’re in the early stages of understanding what it tells us, and how we can use it in our work to ensure there is no discrimination in any of our process. What we do know is that EDI analysis is complex and, as such, the data in our reports should not be used in isolation to draw conclusions as many other factors may be relevant, such as practice location, size of practice or local demographics.

“We are committed to developing the data we hold and our understanding of it, and we look forward to sharing further insights as our work progresses.”

While improvement has been achieved in the overall EDI data held by the GDC, around a quarter of registrants still do not provide information relating to sexual orientation. This undermines the GDC’s ability to analyse this protected characteristic and, as such, the regulator encourages all professionals to submit this data via eGDC.

The full registration and fitness to practise 2021 statistical reports, which now include comparison data from previous years to better show any trends or changes over time, are available on the GDC’s Annual Report webpage.

Dentistry’s veteran campaigner downs drill to fight for future of service in Scotland

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About the Course

The British Dental Association is delighted to announce dentist and experienced campaigner Charlotte Waite will take on a leading role in the fight for the future of dental services in Scotland.

She will take up the role of Director of BDA Scotland in October, supporting members in negotiations with the Scottish Government and overseeing outreach to the Scottish Parliament, officials, the press and wider stakeholders.

Prior to the pandemic Charlotte exposed the scandal of Westminster’s aggressive NHS fines regime, which saw millions of often vulnerable patients face £100 fines for attempting to claim free dental care or prescriptions. 

Working with the media and speaking up for patients in the UK parliament, she lifted the lid on a system that saw 1.7 million fines – worth £188 million – withdrawn because the ‘fraudsters’ targeted were actually fully entitled to claim support towards NHS dental or prescription charges. Off the back of her powerful evidence to the Westminster Public Accounts Committee, the UK Department of Health and Social Care abandoned a ‘fines first’ policy, based on the presumption of guilt. 

While redeployed on the front line during COVID she revealed chronic PPE shortages that left hundreds of Urgent Dental Care centres struggling to deliver care to patients in agony, when most practices were closed for routine care.

Working with partners including Mencap she has continued to press the UK government for action on backlogs for patients facing yearlong waiting times for dental treatment under general anaesthetic as a result of pandemic disruption. She has also led efforts to encourage the use of Makaton – a unique language programme that uses symbols and signs, alongside speech – within dental settings, to break down barriers to communication with dental patients with learning disabilities. She has also spoken out in the press and lobbied the UK Government for better investment and provision of dental services for people experiencing homelessness and for residents in care homes.

News of Charlotte’s appointment comes in a week the BBC revealed 82% of NHS practices in Scotland were not accepting new adult patients, with 1 in 5 stating they had waiting times of a year or longer. Researchers were unable to find any practices taking on new patients in 9 of Scotland’s 32 local authorities.   

BDA Scotland has warned Ministers and officials they risk undermining the future sustainability of NHS dentistry, with cuts to financial support leaving some practices delivering some NHS treatments at a loss. There is a growing exodus from NHS dental services, with official data showing the total number of high street NHS dentists in Scotland has fallen by over 5% since the onset of Covid.

Waite will be pursuing BDA Scotland’s call for development of a new, sustainable long-term model for NHS dentistry, support for dentists in all fields of practice, and effective action to tackle Scotland’s deep oral health inequalities, which are now set to widen as a result of the pandemic.

The Glasgow-born Waite qualified in Dundee, before completing general professional training in the East of Scotland, locuming in Australia and then working in the Community Dental Service (CDS). She will be leaving her longstanding role in the CDS where she has provided dental care for some of the most vulnerable in society.  

Charlotte Waite said: “I’m downing my drill to fight for the future of dentistry in Scotland. The service is on the brink and the public are living with the results. The Scottish Government pledged free NHS dental care for all, but we now face an exodus from the workforce, the risk of a two-tier system, and a shameful oral health gap that will only widen.  

“Our message to every MSP and every party is that this crisis will not end without real commitment. Sit down with us and we can secure a better future for a service millions depend on.”

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Course Dates: Open-ended
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About the Course

Howden’s dedicated team of dental indemnity insurance specialists has supported dentists for over 25 years.

All Howden policies are specifically designed for the sector and evolve to respond to the latest innovations and practises. 

As part of The Probe’s podcast series, Senior Directors Simon Gale and Mark Thomsen give an overview of their work and the services Howden offers. They also discuss why it is so important to have the right cover – and people on your side – when you need it most.

They will explain how a specialist insurer can ease some of the stress for anyone worried about a complaint or claim, and offer invaluable support for your career, livelihood and wellbeing. 

Howden has helped practices and dentists at all stages of their careers – you can trust Howden to protect you, when it matters most.

Download the episode from wherever you get your podcasts from – or listen here:


For more information or to contact team, please visit or call 020 3918 9127