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BDNJ Summer 2021 – Safeguarding GDC Development Outcome: A

Course Dates: 30th September 2021 - 30th September 2023
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About the Course

Learning Objectives:

• To understand your safeguarding responsibilities.

• To better recognise signs of abuse.

• To know what to do if you become aware of an endangered patient.

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Healthwatch and BDA urge Chancellor to reverse a decade of NHS dentistry cuts

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About the Course

In a joint message Healthwatch England and the British Dental Association have urged Rishi Sunak to use the coming Spending Review to guarantee the future of NHS dentistry.

With over 30 million appointments lost since the first lockdown, the two organisations have pressed the Chancellor to ensure resources are in place for the recovery and promised reform of the service.

The two organisations say: 

Sir Robert Francis QC, chair of Healthwatch England, said: “Lack of access to NHS dentistry has exploded as an issue for people over the last year, with both the volume of feedback and negative sentiment going through the roof. We’ve heard from patients up and down the country unable to find care, leaving them in pain and taking matters into their own hands. We’ve also heard from parents unable to register their children with an NHS dentist, as local dental practices weren’t taking on new patients, had gone private or had closed down.

“Every part of the country is facing a dental care crisis, with NHS dentistry at risk of vanishing into the void. The Government needs to use the forthcoming Spending Review to provide vital investment in services like dentistry that help keep us all healthy and ensure we build back better for current and future generations.” 

BDA Chair Eddie Crouch said: “In the last Spending Review Ministers chose to make patients pay more into NHS dentistry, so they could pay less. These charges are now a substitute for decent state investment, with no attempt to even try and keep pace with demand or inflation. Ministers have pledged reform. Simply telling dentists to do more with less will not provide the care our patients desperately need.”

A decade of cuts 

As England emerges from the pandemic NHS dental services will confront increased demand, an unprecedented backlog and widening oral health inequality.     

Yet primary care dentistry went into the pandemic receiving less direct support from the Treasury than it did in 2010, a unique status in the NHS. Following the 2015 Spending Review commitments patient charges have formed an ever-greater share of NHS budget. The net result is that in real terms government contributions fell by nearly a third between 2010 and 2019.   

Ministers have pledged wide-ranging reform to the widely discredited system NHS dentistry operates to in England. Sustained cuts will make any attempts to rebuild the service an uphill struggle, with a growing number of NHS dentists already reconsidering their future.  

The Funding Gap

Practices are set to face higher demand but remain forced to do more with less, with no attempt made to keep pace with inflation or population growth.    

The Tax on Teeth 

The 2015 Spending Review committed the Government to annual above-inflation 5% increases in dental charges, which form an ever-growing share of the NHS budget.   

The Government has operated a support scheme during the pandemic, maintaining funding for NHS practices while capacity has been reduced by the suspension of routine care and ongoing restrictions.

Consequently, patient charge revenue fell by £0.6 billion from 2019/20 to 2020/21, a gap which has been filled by the Treasury, which the Government is anxious to retrieve. 

The Government must now write off existing and any ongoing losses from patient charge revenue as a result of COVID and make no effort to reclaim them via above inflation patient charge increases or cuts to frontline services.

New GDC Chair joins CGDent in celebrating launch

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About the Course

The new Chair of the General Dental Council (GDC) will make his first public address to the profession tonight at an event celebrating the launch of the College of General Dentistry.

Lord Toby Harris, Baron Harris of Haringey, was appointed GDC Chair in July and took up office on 1 October, succeeding Dr William Moyes.

During his period of preparation for office, the Faculty of General Dental Practice (FGDP) completed its long-planned separation from the Royal College of Surgeons of England, transferring into the new College of General Dentistry (CGDent).

Lord Harris will be the keynote speaker on Thursday evening (21 October) at a reception marking the birth of CGDent, the formation of which has realised the ultimate ambition of the FGDP’s founding members to establish an independent college for general dental practice.

The College assumed the Faculty’s remit on 1 August, and as well as publishing its guidance and standards, has already launched two postgraduate qualifications, offers membership benefits which promote and reward professional development, and has announced that it is developing a professional framework and career pathways for the whole dental team.

Speaking ahead of the event, Lord Harris said: “The creation of a dedicated College – for the whole dental team – is a significant moment and I am really pleased to join in celebrating this. The College of General Dentistry is an important partner for the GDC in supporting our role assuring education standards and ensuring patient safety and confidence in the professions.”

His keynote speech on Thursday, following an address by CGDent President Abhi Pal, will be broadcast live online from 6.45pm at:

Colosseum Dental continues to grow across Europe

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About the Course

As the fastest-growing pan-European dental provider, Colosseum Dental is delighted to have recently welcomed dental practices in two countries – Belgium and the Netherlands. This comes with the acquisition of Curaeos, which had also seen our presence increase in Denmark, Italy and Germany.

Curaeos is a well-established dental organisation that aligns with Colosseum Dental’s ethos for excellent patient care and professional development. In adding 186 clinics to the Colosseum Dental portfolio, as well as 54 dental labs, we are thrilled to now offer high-quality dental services in 11 countries across Europe.

As we continue to grow in the UK as well, we provide various opportunities for dental team members to benefit from a great place to work and to deliver patient care they can be proud of. Ultimately, we care more, and we aim to show this in everything that we do. Find out more today.

For more details on Colosseum Dental UK, please visit