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BDNJ Summer 2021 – Defining and implementing dental ethics GDC development outcome: D

Course Dates: 30th September 2021 - 30th September 2023
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Course Language: English
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About the Course

Learning Objectives:

• To understand what dental ethics apply to.

• To appreciate why ethics in dentistry are important.

• To consider the impact of ethics on colleagues and patients.

Course Structure


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Colosseum Dental continues to grow across Europe

Course Dates: Open-ended
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About the Course

As the fastest-growing pan-European dental provider, Colosseum Dental is delighted to have recently welcomed dental practices in two countries – Belgium and the Netherlands. This comes with the acquisition of Curaeos, which had also seen our presence increase in Denmark, Italy and Germany.

Curaeos is a well-established dental organisation that aligns with Colosseum Dental’s ethos for excellent patient care and professional development. In adding 186 clinics to the Colosseum Dental portfolio, as well as 54 dental labs, we are thrilled to now offer high-quality dental services in 11 countries across Europe.

As we continue to grow in the UK as well, we provide various opportunities for dental team members to benefit from a great place to work and to deliver patient care they can be proud of. Ultimately, we care more, and we aim to show this in everything that we do. Find out more today.

For more details on Colosseum Dental UK, please visit

BACD strengthens partnership with Boutique Whitening

Course Dates: Open-ended
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Price: FREE

About the Course

The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD) has long been an advocate for excellence across all areas of dentistry. Its ethos is very much focused on promoting beautiful yet functional outcomes in all clinical treatment, encouraging members to employ evidence-based techniques and products to raise standards across the cosmetic dental field.

To strengthen the membership benefits available and expand opportunities to engage with industry, the BACD is proud to work with an array of industry-leading dental manufacturers and suppliers. One of the many valued relationships is one with Boutique Whitening, who is the Platinum Sponsor for the BACD Annual Conference 2021.

Gareth Grimes, Sales Manager for Boutique Whitening, is keen to highlight that introducing quality tooth whitening services needn’t be difficult or expensive for dental practices today. He says: “We have always been aware of the investment required by practices when providing new treatment options, so we have kept our solution highly cost-effective. With absolutely no compromise in quality of the product, we are proud to offer a premium product without the premium price. It is clinically proven, quality tested and backed by years and years of research for total peace of mind for clinicians and patients. Boutique Whitening Gel is also vegan-approved, which is an added selling point for many patients in today’s world.”

The whitening gel is not the only unique feature of Boutique Whitening – the whitening trays are also fabricated to the highest of standards by S4S Dental Lab. This delivers a cost-efficient solution that utilises the advantages of centralised manufacturing to optimise both treatment results and patient experience. In turn, a superior whitening journey is created for patients and a significant opportunity presents for business growth.

Commenting on Boutique Whitening’s interaction with the BACD over the past few years, Gareth adds: “We have supported the BACD Annual Conference for the last 4 years now. We find this to be a hugely beneficial event for us as a business, making it great value for the time and money we invest. We are always particularly impressed with the quality of delegates we meet. It helps that our ethos aligns closely with that of the BACD, so our whitening solution is ideal for members to introduce within their own practices – in fact, many Board members and others already do. This is a fantastic endorsement of our product and service, demonstrating the calibre of cosmetic dentistry that we are able to support. We’re looking forward to this year’s Annual Conference and hope to meet lots of new clinicians as well as old friends.”

If you haven’t already, book soon to avoid missing the BACD Annual Conference 2021. The event will offer a comprehensive educational programme, covering dynamic topics and presented by both nationally and internationally renowned speakers. The social programme is also set to impress, with the legendary black-tie Gala Dinner a sell-out event once again. Secure your place online today!

The BACD Seventeenth Annual Conference
‘Seeing Is Believing’
11th – 13th November 2021
Edinburgh, Scotland 

For further enquiries about the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, visit

UK’s paediatric dentists welcome CMO’s statement in support of water fluoridation

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About the Course

A landmark statement from the UK’s four Chief Medical Officers in support of water fluoridation has contributed to the growing momentum in favour of this most cost-effective of measures to reduce dental decay.

In response to the CMO’s statement, the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry (BSPD) has updated its position statement to incorporate their key comments. Also welcome is the ensuing statement from the Chief Dental Officer for England, Sara Hurley. She said that the CMOs’ statement was “welcome endorsement of water fluoridation’s health benefits and safety” from the UK’s most senior doctors.

BSPD’s position statement was first published in 2014 and updated in 2019 and in October 2021. Each iteration has been the work of the eminent international authority on water fluoridation, Emeritus Professor Andrew Rugg-Gunn.

Emeritus Professor Andrew Rugg-Gunn

The need to address health inequalities underpins the Commissioning Standard for Dental Specialties: Paediatric Dentistry and is an explicit campaigning commitment in BSPD’s mission statement.

Many surveys have revealed that it is children in the most deprived areas who benefit most from water fluoridation; for instance, Public Health England’s 2018 report showed that dental decay is reduced by 52% in children living in the most deprived areas compared with 23% for children in the least deprived areas.

BSPD is calling for water fluoridation to be implemented in more deprived areas of the UK to reduce oral health inequalities.

Professor Claire Stevens, spokesperson for BSPD, said that in addition to reducing the prevalence and severity of dental decay among children in the most deprived areas, community water fluoridation reduces hospital admissions of young children requiring tooth extraction under general anaesthetic – by up to 68%. 

She added: “Dental decay is costly for the NHS, with £54.6 million spent on hospital-based tooth extractions for children and adolescents in 2019–20. This financial burden can be reduced by implementing preventive measures, including community water fluoridation. Dental decay is almost always preventable, but we need urgent investment in evidence-based preventive interventions if we wish to see a reduced demand on stretched secondary care services.”