Wealthwide wins gold

Wealthwide has won a Gold award at the 2023 Marketing Society Star Awards in the ‘Financial Services and Professional’ category, defeating some stiff competition from several large brands including Scottish Widows and Sainsbury’s bank.

Having adopted the name Wealthwide in June 2021, the specialist financial planning company for dentists demonstrated the effectiveness of its re-brand to take gold.

Three key insights were used to create the brand and the new name:

  1. Dentists are extremely time-poor. Every day is packed back-to back with patients – while many evenings and lunchbreaks are spent taking care of running the business. Wealthwide, therefore, needed to be as succinct as possible.
  2. Dentists are well-educated, hands-on and hardworking. They’re relatively wealthy but generally don’t buy into lavish, showy, glitzy financial firms. They’re not looking to be wooed by purple pin stripes and heraldic crests. They’re looking for help to organise and structure their finances to get the most out of life.
  3. It’s possible to be wealthy and feel financially insecure at the same time.

This became the strategic hook for the entire brand, explaining to dentists their full financial picture and exploring what they want to achieve in their work and personal life. Wealthwide is then able to highlight their options, and what decisions they can afford to make, so they can get more out of life. Hence the name Wealthwide.

Mike Hesketh – a Wealthwide client, Principal Dentist and Dental Business Coach, says “I’ve always been happy with the service provided by Thomas and his team. There did seem to be a disconnect between the old branding and the service we received. When the new brand was launched, it became apparent that the positioning and culture were reflected across the company, resulting in me referring more colleagues to Wealthwide.”

So what’s been the results? As well as creating a brand that fits neatly with the service Wealthwide offers, the company has increased its turnover by 23% since June 2021. Monthly recurring revenue has also increased by 20%, which is a key metric for the health and sustainability of the business, showing the value of ongoing financial planning rather than short term spikes in transactional services.

To support this significant growth over the last two years, Wealthwide has expanded our team by 40%, employing another Chartered Financial Planner, technical support staff as well as additional administrative team members, so it can maintain its focus on providing advice and service to its dental clients.

Thomas Dickson, the founder and MD of Wealthwide, says, “Our re-brand created a new energy, giving the team confidence the company was a growing place they could remain invested in – a place to develop their careers. It’s certainly given us an additional sense of pride in the company and undoubtedly been the impetus that’s given me more drive, enthusiasm and commitment to develop and grow the company.”

Thomas Dickson wants you to get what you want out of life (S05 E07)

This week, we’re joined by Thomas Dickson, Managing Director at Wealthwide (formerly known as Essential Money).

Wealthwide is a bespoke financial planning service for dental professionals that aims to help its clients gain a full view of their financial picture and get what they want out of life.

Thomas explains what exactly a financial planning service does and how they can help dental professionals.

He also discusses recent changes in attitude, post-pandemic as well as how the financial sector has had to adjust.

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For more information, visit https://www.wealthwide.co.uk/.

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Wealthwide launches in the UK with a vision to help dentists gain financial freedom and get more out of life

Future-focused financial planning business Wealthwide has officially launched to the UK dental profession today (July 15th).

Wealthwide helps dentists see their full financial picture so they can get more out of life. It is the vision of Thomas Dickson, who has specialised in working with dentists for over 20 years and decided to rebrand from Essential Money to Wealthwide. Thomas and his team worked with gutsy creative agency StudioLR to develop the Wealthwide brand.

Wealthwide’s focus is to help dental professionals see the full extent of their financial picture. This allows them to plan to do the things they really want to in life, with security and peace of mind – swapping long hours for long weekends, overtime for family time, last-minute appointments for last-minute adventures, and the dentist’s chair for a deck chair. 

Wealthwide’s planning services enable dentists to understand their financial options so that they can make life choices with confidence and security.

Wealthwide planning can help answer all sorts of tricky questions, such as:

  • When can I afford to stop working? 
  • What rate of investment return do I need to do all the things I hope to do? 
  • Can I afford to sell my practice? 
  • Will downsizing my home in the future release enough funds to support my retirement? 
  • Will I still be able to live comfortably if I give money to my children?

Thomas Dickson

Thomas Dickson, Managing Director of Wealthwide, explains: “The last 18 months have been a real challenge for many of our clients. The lockdowns and change in working practices have led many dentists to reconsider their position and longer-term future.

“Our rebrand to Wealthwide makes it absolutely crystal clear what we can do for our clients. We help dentists to question what they really want from life, to fully understand their financial position and make the big life decisions based on hard facts. We call this process ‘Financial Planning’, and it ensures we consider the wider picture and can help our clients create the work-life balance they deserve. The team at Wealthwide has been working with dentists for over two decades and are excited about what they can do in the next decade.”

Thomas is very aware that the Coronavirus pandemic has had a significant financial impact on the dental profession. Requests from dental students, dentists and their families seeking help from the BDA Benevolent Fund increased 120% in 2020 compared to the previous year. This coincided with a reduction in donations from dentists both through individual giving and fundraising events. In recognition of this, Wealthwide is pledging £5,000 to the Charity. 

Laura Hannon, General Manager at the BDA Benevolent Fund, comments: “Wealthwide’s donation will allow us to provide necessary support such as contributions towards rent or mortgages, food and household bills for those who cannot afford it at this time and helping them to move forward.”

To add your support to this cause and help those in the profession who are struggling, visit https://www.bdabenevolentfund.org.uk/donate/

For more information about Wealthwide, visit www.wealthwide.co.uk.