Oral-B iO launched

Oral-B live-streamed an online launch event to formally unveil its newest innovation in power toothbrushes: Oral-B iO.

Jane Kidson, UK and Ireland’s Oral Health Leader, led the introduction After an overview of Oral-B‘s history, Kidson discussed the science that supports the use of electric toothbrushes over manual brushes, yet questioned why so many consumers still opt for manual models. Surveys and studies have shown that while many perceive power toothbrushes to offer a deeper clean, many associate them with discomfort and being too harsh.

Boris Atlas, Global Brush Leader, Professional Scientific Relations, appeared live from Oral-B’s R&D facility in Germany to explore the science and technology, including the design, features and clinical research, that went into Oral-B iO.

He explained that iO takes the oscillation rotations familiar to users of previous Oral-B power brushes and combines them with microvibrations. The system has been designed specifically for a powerful yet gentle clean. ‘This is a reinvention of oscillation rotation,’ he said. ‘We set out to recreate OR that addresses the perception of harshness.

A linear magnet drive removes the friction created by the mechanics of other electric toothbrushes. Instead, it takes the energy from iO’s rechargeable battery and transforms it into bristle movements.

In addition, the oscillation rotation performance has been optimised; the magnetic drive increased the brush’s frequency, while pulsations were removed. User feedback has revealed that the vibrations now present helped direct the toothbrush to glide across teeth with no harshness and were reportedly quiet.

A smart pressure sensor is included to prevent users from brushing too hard. A white light displays when little or no pressure is applied, which turns green during brushing under optimal pressure. This will turn red with too much pressure is applied.

Oral-B has also designed a new brush head for iO: The Ultimate Clean brush head includes tuft-in-tuft trim design, angled bristles, twisted tufts and is built for effective reach and coverage. Alternatively, the Gentle Care brush head comprises 4,000 filaments – the highest density in Oral-B – concave and convex bristle trims thinnest diameter filaments.

It was also revealed that Oral-B iO possess Seven brushing modes, a new record for an Oral-B brush. Those are:

  • Daily Clean
  • Sensitive
  • Super Sensitive (new)
  • Intense
  • Whiten
  • Gum Care
  • Tongue Clean

The Oral-B App 8.0, which will launch in August alongside Oral-B iO, can be paired with the brush for a range of interactivity options, such as pressure maps and brushing scores to compare brushing performance. Oral-B iO also features a display of its own for coaching and to provide a two-minute

timer, as well as refill replacement reminders. Not to forget iO’s welcoming smiley face.

Everybody brushes differently, and Oral-B has recognised that, so the technology via the app will adapt to coach each individual user based on their specific needs. Position Detection technology has been reinstated and improved upon to inform users which areas they are missing.

Scientific studies have found that the new technology maintains historic superiority for plaque and gingivitis endpoints vs ADA Manual and Sonic toothbrushes. In addition, iO shows disproportionate benefits of hard-to-reach areas, including lingual and molar, for gum health/bleeding and plaque reduction benefits vs ADA Manual brushes. In testing, 24% of the participants had mouths that were considered healthy. After eight weeks of using Oral-B iO, this had increased to 83%.

As the event concluded, Atlas handed over to Eva Castro Perea, Professional & Academic Relations Manager at Oral-B summarised the key features of Oral-B iO:

  • Small round brush head with oscillating-rotating and micro-vibrations cleaning action
  • New frictionless magnetic drive system
  • Smart pressure sensor
  • Interactivity via Oral-B App 8.0.
  • Re-designed CrossAction style brush head
  • Built-in timer and pacer
  • Built-in display to provide real-time feedback and encouragement
  • Bluetooth connectivity for pairing to smartphone app
  • Seven cleaning modes
  • Personalisation options
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Magnetic charger

For more information, visit: http://io.oralb.co.uk/