Making the right connection

Nik Sisodia talks about his experience of working with Dentsply Sirona implants and the reasons for his transition to using PrimeTaper EV and new OmniTaper EV implants

I’ve been involved in implant dentistry for over 20 years. I’m a partner alongside Martin Wanendeya at the award-winning Ten Dental referral centre, a private practice in London, as well as being a lecturer, implant mentor and trainer to dentists at all levels, from GDP to registered specialists.

At Ten Dental we’ve been long-time users of Dentsply Sirona implants; Ankylos® and Xive® are tried-and-trusted implant systems that have served us well for many years, but over the past 18 months I’ve transitioned across to using DS PrimeTaper® and the recently-launched DS OmniTaper® implant systems.

I’ve found these implants have allowed me to treat all indications without any problems, especially once you become familiar with the nuances of each system.

The differences

PrimeTaper EV implants provide exceptional primary stability in all bone conditions. For me the system works well in all indications, and I’ve used it successfully from single immediate implants through to full arch and FP1 welded cases.

OmniTaper EV also works well in these situations. However, I tend to use it for single immediate implants where I find, together with the TempBase temporary abutment that the implant comes supplied with, it allows for a very quick, simple and easy delivery of an immediate provisional crown.

A shared connection

PrimeTaper EV and OmniTaper EV are part of the EV Implant Family that, along with Astra Tech Implant System® EV, have implant body designs that give access to the same restorative platform through a common EV connection.

I recently had a case where there was a large osseous defect next to a site where there was good bone volume. I chose to place a PrimeTaper implant in the deficient site and achieved good stability despite only a few of the apical threads being engaged in bone. I then placed an OmniTaper EV implant in the neighbouring site. There will be no problem when we come to restore the case as the prosthetic connection is the same for both fixtures.

The biggest advantage of having one prosthetic connection across the EV range is that it allows us to choose whatever we need to use at the time of surgery.

Our referring colleagues receive back a connection they are familiar with and trained to use, irrespective of which implant was placed. The reduced inventory of components with EV implants also makes life easier for us and our nursing team.

Enhanced by digital dentistry

As a practice we employ a digital implant workflow where we can and this offers many advantages.

Patients have told us that they prefer a digital impression as opposed to the “gooey mould” we would have previously used for an analogue impression. We hold less stock of impression material which is more environmentally friendly, and we avoid courier and postage charges to and from the lab.

Communication between the patient and the lab is made easier by showing patients their digital images on screen, plus it is easier for us as clinicians to see any errors in the digital impression scan.

Ongoing partnerships

I use Dentsply Sirona’s Atlantis® for my restorative work. Atlantis supplies customised patient-specific restorations and I’ve found this to be a very reliable solution for many years. I trust in the quality of the connection and fit of the components and our patients love the security of the comprehensive warranty that comes with the work.

I choose to work with Dentsply Sirona Implants as they enable me to provide a reliable, predictable and quality solution for my patients, and Dentsply Sirona always provides good customer support whenever I or my team need it.

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