RoboReception, the fastest-growing dental chat bot and lead-tracking system, helping practices convert leads, resulting in significantly increased turnover

Taking too long to respond to new enquiries results in dental practices losing as many as 60% of leads. Or worse still, not even replying to leads due to endless spreadsheets, emails and paperwork.

The ChatBot and LeadTracker designed by a dentist for dentists, RoboReception has helped hundreds of dental practices capture those new patient enquiries and grow their businesses since its launch in 2021.

RoboReception LeadTracker enables dental teams to track each enquiry they receive from all sources, ensuring they know exactly what’s happening, leading to increased accountability and teamwork. The perfect patient journey. 

This can speed up lead follow-up times for users by up to 50%, leading them to convert 25% more patients and achieve a 15% or higher increase in revenue. 

In fact, there is now a waiting list for RoboReception’s services and the company is continually updating the platform to meet the ever-changing needs of the dental profession. Automation at its best! 

RoboReception gives you a bird’s eye view of your business at the touch of a button. How many leads are in the system, where they came from, ROI, lead nurturing, and so much more! 

As practice owners in a competitive market, we cannot afford to miss 60% of enquiries. One enquiry could be thousands of pounds of treatment. One lead not being contacted could create bad feelings and result in thousands of pounds of lost revenue with poor reviews and negative online feedback. 

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