The Probe Dental Podcast Presents: Joe Watson, Partner at Tiwari Watson Dental Care, Glasgow (NSK Podcast Series)

Joe Watson BDS, MSc (Implantology), MFDS RCPS (Glas) talks about the pivotal role that having the right team and the right equipment plays in delivering high quality dental care.

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Smile Oral Health Matters presents: Catching Up with The Cambridge Hygienist (NSK Podcast Series)

Smile Oral Health Matters magazine proudly presents this podcast special from NSK Ikigai, in which Siobhan Kelleher speaks with The Cambridge Hygienist, Amie Holder-Soares, about air polishing and air powder therapy in practice. 

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The Probe Dental Podcast presents: Amardip Kalsi, Specialist in Restorative Dentistry and Periodontics (NSK Podcast Series)

Amardip Kalsi, a specialist in Restorative Dentistry and Periodontics with experience in both hospital and private dentistry settings, is the lead for restorative dentistry and adult dental care for cleft palate patients in the East of England. This conversation explores Amardip’s equipment choices and how NSK helps in his daily practice.

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Smile Oral Health Matters presents: Jacqueline Armstrong, owner of Ohh! on the Ikigai Oral Hygiene Programme (NSK Podcast Series)

Smile Oral Health Matters magazine proudly presents this podcast special from NSK, which sees Jacqueline Armstrong, owner of Ohh!, discussing the Ikigai Oral Hygiene Programme and everything it has to offer with Siobhan Kelleher.

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NSK Podcast: You too can live the dream! (VIDEO)

Dental hygienist and practice principal, Joanne Knox, explains how she came to open her own hygiene-only practice and why other hygienists and therapists with drive and determination should aim to do the same.

Many hygienists can only dream of the day when they own their dental hygiene practice, but with hard work and dedication, this dream is becoming a reality for those who are determined to pioneer independent access to hygiene care.

Since I was a child, it was my dream to become a dental hygienist, to build up lasting relationships with patients and help educate them on the need and benefits of regular hygiene treatment. Of course, back then there was never any likelihood of owning my own hygiene practice and I was fortunate to go on to work for many years in a practice that was very accepting and proactive about dental hygiene, but little did I realise that a significant change was on the horizon.

That change came in 2013 when the GDC (General Dental Council) removed its barriers to Direct Access to allow dental hygienists and therapists to see patients directly without the need for a referral from a dentist. I saw this as a unique opportunity for hygienists like myself to become a more accessible independent entity and I wanted to be one of the first hygienists in the country to set up my own surgery.


Taking the first steps

The thought of starting my own hygiene practice was daunting to say the least, but I wanted my independence and managed to find a building I felt was ideal in Coleraine, County Londonderry, close to my family and friends. Unfortunately, at the same time my mum was taken seriously ill and looking after her took precedence over anything else, so I thought no more about.

My mum sadly died in August 2020, but unbeknown to me she left money specifically in her will so I could go ahead with pursuing my dream independently. The building I wanted was still available so knowing this is what she would have wanted, I decided to go for it. Without question I was extremely fortunate to have this unexpected financial support, but I was already prepared to put everything I had on the line to start up my practice and I would much prefer that my mum was still around to see it happen!

There’s no escaping the fact that the level of investment needed to set up a practice is significant, especially when you’re starting from scratch. But if you have the determination to succeed, a sound business plan and take advantage of the help and support available for new business start-ups then you too can live the dream.

Getting started

After signing for the building we started renovation work in October 2020, and just to add to the pressure, all under lockdown restrictions. Despite having a focus and an endgame, nothing was ever straightforward and I found myself on a steep learning curve like no other.

One notable benefit of opening during the pandemic was that I was able to design the practice in a completely different way to how I would have done a few years ago. I have two surgeries which means I can alternate to allow for fallow time, air filtration systems have been installed and there is a ‘donning and docking’ room with a washing machine and tumble drier so all our gowns can be washed and changed for each new patient.

In the current climate there’s a renewed focus on scrupulous hygiene measures to protect patients and staff from any risk of infection. I have purchased an NSK iClave plus autoclave which is ideal for fast instrument sterilisation plus it has a USB data logger which means I can download and store all cycle data for total traceability.

I rely mainly on ultrasonics for my work and for that reason I use the NSK Varios Combi Pro. I love the Varios because of its power settings. It’s easy to move between surgeries, there’s a wide variety of tips available and you can change power settings and the air/water flow which patients find gentler and easier to manage.

My advice to anyone starting their own practice is to partner with an equipment manufacturer such as NSK who offers local product support to guide you through, especially with any early teething problems. If any of my equipment breaks down for whatever reason I can’t work – this is my bread and butter so to have that sort of backup available to me is invaluable.

Being your own boss

Opening Pure Dental Hygiene has been my dream, and despite the challenges I really do feel I’m living it – I have no regrets so far! The acceptance from other local dentists has been overwhelmingly positive and the idea of a dental hygienist practicing without the oversight of a dentist is a concept that is definitely gaining traction.

My patient base is growing fast and my aim is to grow a successful business in which I’m respected and seen as a centre of excellence within the industry, known for the quality of patient care we provide in a clean, modern and friendly environment. I have a tremendous amount of pride in the work that I do and I want dentists to see the services I offer as an advantage and not a threat. If I can do this – then other hygienists and therapists can certainly do the same.

Do you want to learn more about opening an independent dental hygiene/therapy practice? Join the NSK Ikigai LIVE webinar on Thursday 7th October 2021 at 7.30pm to hear Joanne Knox and fellow hygienists and therapists discussing the 5 key steps to consider when opening a stand-alone practice, how they’ve opened and developed their own successful practices and specialist financial advice on how to obtain the planning and finance to deliver your dream.

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About the Author

Joanne Knox is a dental hygienist and practice principal at Pure Dental Hygiene in Coleraine, Northern Ireland.

GDC 5893
Company Director and Principal Hygienist at Pure Dental Hygiene NI
14 Sandel Village
Coleraine BT52 1WW
Northern Ireland

Celebrate happiness at work with Mind Flossing cards from Mind Ninja

The Mind Flossing Toolkit officially launches today during International Week of Happiness at Work and Friendship Month and consists of a deck of cards to nurture greater well-being and resilience. 

The Happiness at Work manifesto states: ‘Let’s create a workplace to stimulate fun, appreciation, positive feedback, awesome challenges, trust, meaningful results and own responsibilities. Let us, as employees, employers, entrepreneurs, organisations, and especially as human beings, work together to make happiness at work the norm and not the exception.’

The cards themselves are a self-intervention toolkit drawing from the science of well-being – positive psychology. They are designed as a pocket-sized guide you can carry with you, to nudge you to take intentional well-being actions. Bite-size activities range from meditations and journaling to creative exercises that can be done with patients and at home.

In line with the Happiness at Work manifesto, the Toolkit offers the opportunity to explore well-being under the umbrella of mindfulness and self-compassion, including team resilience, gratitude, optimism, character strengths, values and meaning.

The benefits of using these cards include:

  • Increased self-awareness
  • Emotional literacy
  • Emotional regulation
  • More effective communication
  • Improved relationships
  • Better engagement at work.

The cards also address common negative thoughts such as imposter syndrome and perfectionism (the latter is a common trait amongst dental professionals and can lead to increased psychological distress).1

Speaking about the Mind Flossing Toolkit, creator of the cards, as well as a dentist and positive psychologist, Mahrukh Kawaja – AKA Mind Ninja – commented: ‘Over the years, it has been well established that working in dentistry is stressful, with a BDA survey very sadly revealing a high level of stress and burnout amongst a survey of more than 2,000 UK dentists, 17.6% of whom admitted they had seriously thought about suicide.’

Mahrukh continued: ‘Now, of course, there are added pressures in the post Covid era. If at all possible, we need to intervene before any of our colleagues reach crisis point and that is one of the reasons why I created this deck of cards. The cards are evidence-based, drawing together many psychological strands in an effective way. What’s more, the content of every card has been carefully chosen and curated with dental professionals in mind.

Mind Ninja is also delighted to have two industry partners for the launch of the Flossing Toolkit and thanks both Acteon and NSK for their support of the initiative, with both recognising the value of the cards to support the wellbeing of dental professionals through a larger order for their customers.

These lucky recipients will be among the first to learn how to create habits that stick, by unpacking the key takeaways from psychology and neuroscience, in no small part thanks to the engaging use of illustrations that depict the diverse community in dentistry.

Stancey Coughlan, commercial director at Aceton

Recognising the exceptional psychological value of the cards is partner Acteon, on whose behalf, commercial director, Stancey Coughlan, remarked: ‘At Acteon, we strive every day to support one another and our customers in our professional endeavours. When I heard about the Mind Flossing Toolkit, I knew it was something that dental care professionals would find invaluable, to boost well-being as an individual and as part of a team.

‘But I also recognise the importance of supporting dental professionals beyond Acteon’s sphere, which is why partnering with Mind Ninja made perfect sense for our business and our ethos. We couldn’t be happier to be at the start of this journey with Mind Ninja, offering an incredible opportunity to improve well-being across the UK.’

Alex Breitenbach, Managing Director of NSK UK


Commenting on NSK’s partnership with Mind Ninja, Alex Breitenbach, Managing Director of NSK UK Ltd, stated: ‘NSK UK is delighted to be working with the Mind Flossing Toolkit as we have a common aim to improve the life of dental care professionals and their patients.

‘Ikigai is a Japanese philosophy that helps people lead a happy healthy life and now NSK has taken this concept and developed a completely new approach to oral hygiene to help dental care professionals unlock their potential to excel in daily practice.’

Nigel Jones, Sales and Marketing Director, Practice Plan Group

Also offering invaluable support is partner Practice Plan. As Nigel Jones, Sales and Marketing Director, Practice Plan Group, said: ‘One of things I’m most proud about working at Practice Plan is the way we can help to transform the working life for many dentists and their teams, with many dentists citing the reason for change being to create a better work/life balance and a less stressful working environment for the entire team. The well-being of the whole practice team is paramount and so it was an easy answer when approached to support with the Mind Flossing Toolkit. A fantastic and very simple, but effective resource for practices and their teams to remember that their well-being really does matter.’

Indeed, Mind Ninja would love to see people supporting one another other, checking in on each other’s emotional well-being. So, in celebration of their friendship and to promote all round happiness at work, why not purchase the cards for a dental colleague or your whole team, to show how much you care?

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  1. Collin V, O’Selmo E, Whitehead P. Stress, psychological distress, burnout and perfectionism in UK dental students. Br Dent J. 2020 Nov; 229(9): 605-614. doi: 10.1038/s41415-020-2281-4. Epub 2020 Nov 13. PMID: 33188344

The Probe Dental Podcast Presents: Joanne Knox – Pure Dental Hygiene (NSK Podcast Series)

In this episode from the NSK Podcast Series, Joanne Knox, Owner and Principal Hygienist at Pure Dental Hygiene, discusses her journey to become a practice owner and how NSK have helped her fulfil her dreams.

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The Probe Dental Podcast Presents: A Passion for Oral Surgery with Sami Stagnell (NSK Podcast Series)

In this episode from the NSK Podcast Series, Specialist Oral Surgeon Sami Stagnell discusses his unique career.

Sami has an MSc in restorative dentistry and was the one of the first clinicians to be made a fellow in clinical leadership and management with Health Education England.

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The Probe Dental Podcast Presents: The NSK Podcast Series with Alfonso Rao

In this episode from the NSK Podcast Series, Alfonso Rao, principal of Queen Square Dental Clinic in Bristol and originator of The Delta Academy, which offers dental courses for all professional needs and interests, shares his thoughts on dentistry in general and why he chooses NSK equipment for both his practice and the academy.

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NSK UK returns furlough Payments

NSK UK, market leaders in high-quality turbines, contra-angles and small equipment, is delighted to announce it has returned a substantial sum of government furlough money.

Throughout the pandemic NSK UK has maintained full operational capabilities to ensure that customers could be supported where and when necessary. In view of the uncertainty ahead NSK UK took advantage of the government help on offer back in April 2020, but Managing Director Alexander Breitenbach said it would now shoulder the cost itself.

He stated: “Since dentistry resumed in the UK we have seen our business steadily return; the management team in Japan and I didn’t feel it was right to take UK government money when it was not needed to support our business”.

All of NSK’s UK staff are now fully back at work and supporting dental professionals via phone, internet and, if necessary. practice visits.

Brexit has been an additional challenge faced by the dental industry, however NSK UK has prepared for these challenges and with the support of its parent company in Japan and supply chain hub in Germany, it has made sure the vast majority of its products are available and can be supplied to UK dental practices without delays.

Alex went on to say: “We are committed to maintaining our exceptional level of customer service and we are working hard to make sure we can support the profession effectively.”

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