Luke Barnett Laboratory Now Working with Boutique Whitening

Luke Barnett Laboratory are delighted to announce that they are now working alongside Boutique Whitening. In what has been seen as a new chapter in teeth whitening, Luke Barnett’s superior trays, coupled with Boutique Whitening’s industry-leading expertise are a formidable combination, that will offer patients the best possible results.

The Luke Barnett Centre has consistently championed the production of precision-engineered trays. Perfectly formed trays with a perfect seal ensures that we can deliver beautiful white smiles every time.

CEO Luke Barnett commented, ‘After a decade of supplying our friends at Enlighten, we are delighted to be able to offer our high-quality trays to a wider audience. Going forward, we will be working alongside Boutique Whitening to provide our bespoke whitening trays, which perfectly complement their fantastic range of gels. The importance of a high quality, well fitted whitening tray cannot be overstated in delivering the results that patients demand.’

CEO of Boutique Whitening, Prem Sehmi added, ‘From the moment we started speaking to Luke, we knew that this someone with incredible knowledge and experience that could only be of benefit to our clients and their patients.’

To find out more, please visit or call 01923 251537.