Invisalign G8 with SmartForce Aligner Activation now commercially available

Align Technology recently announced the commercial availability of Invisalign G8 with SmartForce Aligner Activation, the company’s latest innovations. Invisalign G8 is informed by the company’s foundational biomechanics for clear aligners, with a database of more than 9 million Invisalign patients to optimise tooth movements and further improve predictability for frequently treated cases of crowding, crossbite, and deep bite. The company previously announced that Invisalign G8 would be available in the first quarter of 2021.

With SmartForce Aligner Activation, selected areas of the aligner surface are specifically contoured to apply optimal forces to the tooth surfaces in order to control the location, direction and intensity of the force and produce the desired outcome, whilst minimising unwanted movement. Specific, strategic contact areas between the aligner and the tooth are created by SmartForce Aligner Activation and work in concert with SmartForce features for even greater control of the force systems.

Data demonstrates that Precision Bite Ramps improve intrusion in deep bite cases, so in addition, with Invisalign G8, doctors can now select automatic placement of Precision Bite Ramps during the prescription process.

The benefits of force vs displacement

Commenting on the introduction of Invisalign G8, Dr Andrew Morton, who piloted the system in advance of its general release, advised: “I feel a lot more confident that I will be able to resolve complex malocclusions, and avoid some of the issues we faced previously. Until the introduction of the latest Invisalign G8 features, patients being treated with clear aligners could be left with posterior open bites, requiring refinement, but presently, we can cope with these during the course of their treatment. When tackling arch expansion with aligners, one is often faced with molars tipping and we can control these with no problem now”.

He added: “I am more confident to treat more complex cases as G8 irons out many worries with complications. Align keeps innovating and investing in research. As a result, the scope of our orthodontic care is increasing. I am really impressed with Align Technology’s new innovations and very happy with these perpetual advances.”

To summarise the new G8 features:

For crowding and crossbite cases:

  • Smart Force Aligner Activation aids in posterior arch expansion by working synergistically with New Optimised Expansion Support attachments or Optimised Expansion Support and Rotation attachments to reduce the potential for buccal crown tipping during posterior arch expansion.

For deep bite cases:

  • SmartForce Aligner Activation supports anterior intrusion with improvements in the treatment plan set-ups to level the Curve of Spee and demonstrates up to 2x improvement in predictability of anterior intrusion.

Invisalign G8 with new SmartForce Aligner Activation ensures sufficient and consistent activation in every aligner stage to help doctors get more of the desired movements from every aligner in the treatment of crowding, crossbite, and deep bite. For more information please visit

You can also view videos about G8 by the two general managers for the Invisalign business in the UK and Ireland:

Abi Lander, Align Technology general manager for the Specialist Orthodontist channel for the UK and Ireland:

Dan Gallagher, Align Technology general manager, General Practice channel for the UK and Ireland:

Align Technology launches new hygienist programme – Improving Oral Health Through Tooth Alignment

Align Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: ALGN), has announced the launch of a training programme, specifically created for hygienists and therapists to help improve oral health through tooth alignment. The programme is designed to show dental hygienists and therapists the pivotal new role they can play within a multi-disciplinary, digitally-focused practice. The four-part series is delivered on a dedicated Invisalign webpage and is free for dental hygienists and therapists keen to learn how their expanded scope of practice makes them the ideal partner for dentists, offering Invisalign treatment.

An initial pilot for the programme proved extremely popular amongst the 150 hygienists and therapists who participated, and it has now been available nationwide across the UK. The agenda for the four-part online programme runs as follows:

  • Part 1: An educational session about how the Invisalign system fits into the hygienist/dentist interface and practice workflow; how to identify the patients who could most benefit from tooth alignment to improve their oral health; and how to introduce the Invisalign concept during the hygiene consultation.
  • Part 2: How to effectively communicate with patients during the Hygiene consultation.
  • Part 3: The relationship between oral health and straight teeth.
  • Part 4: How to implement a digital workflow between practitioner and hygienist in the practice: how to diagnose and scan with the iTero inter-oral scanner.

Part Three of the programme is presented by Anna Middleton, who was the highest ranked dental hygienist on this year’s Dentistry Top 50 – coming in at number 9 – and best known to her 11.6k Instagram followers as the @LondonHygienist. Here Anna explains more about the new training programme and the new role she plays in upskilling her peers:

“This is an online programme, especially developed for dental hygienists and therapists to give them an insight into how Align Technology offers a solution to aid patients in their treatment choices. I will be discussing both how I use digital scanning to have open conversations with patients about their dentition, and how I use it in my iTero workflow as an aid to the other clinicians in practice.

“More and more hygienists and therapists are looking for ways to help their patients achieve high levels of good oral health, as well as building further skills by offering additional services, which can create a unique and positive patient journey. They are also keen to undertake such additional roles to help their practices to continue their growth. In the pilot sessions of the programme delegates were keen to learn more about how they could incorporate digital scanning into their scope of practice. They were also keen to develop ways to initiate conversations with patients about teeth straightening, and why these conversations are so important. I was able to share some of the dialogue I use and discuss the steps I take with my patients.

“With this orthodontic programme, there a real scope of opportunities for these dental professionals. I always say ‘Teamwork makes the dream work’. Often when I see a patient under direct access, they may not have visited a dental practice for some time. It is during this time I can discuss not only their oral health but their dental health. I use scanning of my patients as a digital record and we all know the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’… it couldn’t be more true. The scans allow me to show patients all the areas in their mouth in detail, and use it to discuss any concerns they may have – then discuss potential solutions.

“Hygienists and therapists play an important role in any dental practice. The start of any smile make-over journey will begin with a session with me, and the dentists I work with always stress the importance of good oral hygiene and health in order to achieve results and well as preserve their treatment for long after it has been completed. Many of my patients who had difficulty maintaining their oral hygiene due to crowding, have now said how much better their mouths feel and how much easier it is to clean. Those who had more frequent visits in a year are now on 6-12 month recalls.

“I have had conversations with some hygienists and therapists who would like to use their expanded scope of practice more. I believe there is plenty of work to go round and often all it takes is to have a few open discussions with the team and implement a new workflow. The dentists I work with have special interests in aesthetic and restorative dentistry and by sending elements of work to me, means they can focus on the areas they best enjoy. This in turn, is also a better use of their time.

“I see the Invisalign programme helping hygienists and therapists to help their patients as we know misalignment of teeth can be a contributing factor to poor oral hygiene and tooth wear. While Invisalign treatment may not be suitable for all patients – it is the dentist or specialist orthodontist who makes the assessment and decides if the patient is a suitable candidate for a clear aligner treatment – it is a discrete and affordable solution, and one that some patients might not even be aware of. I still have patients who think that ‘braces’ means ‘metal train tracks’ so by being able to scan patients for Invisalign treatment means that you can offer options to your patients. The programme will also show hygienists and therapists other benefits of scanning as it records restorations and calculus. I use digital scanning for all my impressions now. I had a patient who desperately wanted whitening but could not tolerate alginate impressions, I used the iTero to scan their teeth to produce their whitening trays – this was a complete game changer for them.

“The iTero digital workflow between me and the dentists I work with has made things really simple. I have longer appointments for all new patients which allows plenty of time to scan and then treatment options with the patient. Then if there is anything they would like to discuss further, I book them in with the dentist, and because they have already had a scan, they can then continue the conversations – it is like passing the baton seamlessly. We are also now slowly scanning all existing patients so we have base-line digital recordings. It is easy to assume that patients are happy with their smile, but that can change over time. I have found that patients have been fascinated by the technology and then they tell me about what they see, that they do not like – which is the best way to initiate conversation about what we can do to help.

“Hygienist and therapists are in a prime position to carry out scans, by utilising those in your team who are happy and want to take on extra duties, the practice should be able to see an improvement in workflow and time management, as well as an increase in revenue, which I am sure would be welcomed by any dentist.”

Working in tandem

Anna Middleton works with Dr Rhona Eskander, who added: “I think this hygienist programme is such a good idea because ultimately the success of the Invisalign workflow depends on teamwork. The hygienist tends to have a very good relationship with the patients so educating them that aligning the teeth has a massive benefit on oral hygiene is a huge help. Patients are more likely to understand about teeth straightening options because the hygienist had already highlighted the benefits. Anna sees patients herself as a result of Direct Access and often I get referrals for aligning their teeth. In my experience the hygienist convinces the patient to have treatment before you have even seen them, so ultimately more patients can be seen because the hygienist has already had that discussion with the patient.

“I would advise dentists to get on board with this Align hygienist programme particularly if their staff are already talking to their patients about Invisalign treatment. With so many more hygiene than dental appointments, it makes sense to involve their hygienists and it is something that really should not be missed.”

Access to the training programme is via the Invisalign portal and to register, the dental hygienist or therapist needs to log on in collaboration with the Invisalign provider in the practice where they work using their IDS number. CPD certification is conferred on all participants on completion of the course.

Align Technology announces virtual events

Align Technology’s Invisalign brand is hosting a digital edition of its Scientific Symposium in the format of a television news broadcast from 14-15 May. In addition, Align Technology is also ‘relocating’ its Dubrovnik Growth Summit to a virtual platform. Described as a ‘hyper-connected broadcast’, the summit will feature a TV studio with a news anchor moderating the event to beam some of the brightest minds in dentistry and business directly into dentists’ homes throughout a full two-day symposium on 19 and 20 June.

The Invisalign Scientific Symposium will present upcoming Invisalign innovations, the opportunity to ‘attend’ lectures from world-class speakers, the chance to network with international colleagues during a virtual social hour, and recognition of Invisalign cases via the Invisalign Scientific Symposium Award. For more information on how to attend, the full schedule and list of speakers, visit

Meanwhile, in June, Align Technology’s Growth Summit has been curated for all dentists to look beyond the current situation and learn how to prepare for a life back in practice. Joining this unique digital experience will present an opportunity to connect with thought leaders and absorb the unrivalled clinical, business development and personal growth modules. The programme covers many in-demand topics from leadership and influence, to crisis management, patient connectivity and communication, recovery and business prosperity, comprehensive and multidisciplinary dentistry, diagnoses, treatment planning and protocols, facial driven treatment planning, ways to lead with digital (iTero), and personal growth and wellbeing.

Align Growth Summit speakers

Align Growth Summit speakers

The list of speakers will include: Dr Ingo Baresel, an accomplished international speaker and author of numerous articles relating to digital workflows and intraoral scanning; Dr Karla Soto, semi-finalist at the national 2017 Invisalign Summit and is the image for a pilot program for the Invisalign software; and Dr David Galler, who has even developed his own interproximal reduction (IPR) technique. The summit will also present speakers on a range on non-dental topics, such as: Ken Hughes, a  shopping and consumer behaviourist who will be suggesting five ways to bring patients back; and Connie Dieken, a word-renowned executive coach for senior business leaders.

For full details, visit