Win with recruitment, retention, and engagement in 2023 with the Great Boss Academy

A new year always brings with it new opportunities, but we also know we will face some challenges in 2023.

Whilst we are in a recession, there are still great prospects in dentistry – we just need to know how to find and then capitalise upon them, and that starts with being a Great Boss!

For bosses who want to face these challenges head on and succeed even in admittedly difficult times, the Great Boss Bootcamp, which starts in late January, has everything you need to win with recruitment, retention, and engagement in 2023 by becoming a Great Boss.

The truth is, almost every owner faces the same team problems in 2023 (also known as the 4 Rs):

  • Recruitment
  • Retention
  • Remuneration
  • Risk of poaching by competitors.

The Great Boss Academy is an insurance policy against the threats of losing team members, and a safe haven for questions, answers and inspirational examples of best practice. It is a continuous development programme for bosses who want to achieve their best and develop a management team of their dreams.

The Academy walks you through each level to become a Great Boss with a Great Team in a Great Business, all the while building your protection against the 4 Rs.

In addition, Great Boss Academy Founder, Mark Topley, has created a free guide on retaining and engaging your team through the recession, which will be released early in the New year.

For your copy of this invaluable free guide and for further information about how the Great Boss Academy can help you and your team achieve your professional dreams, simply visit