Dentists’ Provident provides further support to members

Dentists’ Provident has been supporting its members since the start of the pandemic by ensuring the business continued to function effectively, empathetically changing rules and providing a seamless service, all while keeping an eye on the difficulties faced by the profession.

When dental professionals were unable to work, Dentists’ Provident acted quickly allowing members to suspend their cover, helping to manage their monthly outgoings. Since then, for members who maintained their cover during the lockdown, Dentists’ Provident has paid them an ex-gratia Coronavirus Assistance Benefit Payment based on one month’s regular membership premiums.

Giles Kidner, Chairman, said “It is at times like these that I am reminded more than ever that ‘founded by dentists for dentists’ is not just a slogan and what it really means to be a member of a mutual society. Our focus now is to ensure that we adapt to the new challenges our profession faces and to continue supporting our members as we have always done.”

Dentists’ Provident supporting members through the crisis

While the world is adapting to the coronavirus pandemic, the governments decide when and how we might get back to some sort of normality and dental professional bodies strive to make sense of what it means for dental professionals now and in the future, Dentists’ Provident is still doing what it has done for over a hundred years: supporting its members.

Dentists’ Provident is supporting members with teams working from home as well as with limited presence in the office, taking calls and ensuring the business continues to protect future generations of dental professionals. As most dental professionals are currently unable to work as the majority of practices are closed, Dentists’ Provident has acted quickly to enable members to suspend their cover, helping to manage their monthly outgoings.

If you are a member of Dentists’ Provident and would like to request a claim form, you can do so by downloading a copy from the ‘Documents’ section at or by emailing

If you have a question regarding your plan, you may save time by checking to see if the answer is within your plan documents which are also available under the ‘Documents’ section of the website. Alternatively, if you would like to speak with a member of the team, please use the telephone Member services: +44 (0) 20 7400 5712; +44 (0) 20 7400 5717; +44 (0) 20 7400 5721.