Dental Art Implant Clinic: “Be proud of your mouth”

As World Oral Health Day approaches this Saturday – 20th March – with this year’s campaign message ‘Be proud of your mouth’, the Dental Art Implants Clinic has asked whether the cosmetic treatments many opt for are potentially harming patients’ teeth?

In support of the campaign’s message ‘valuing and taking care of your mouth’ the experts at Dental Art Implant Clinic have analysed some of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures; Revealing not just the financial costs, but also the potential physical costs of these treatments.

They found that those opting for veneers, teeth whitening and even cosmetic contouring could be facing a bill of up to £70,000 to gain and maintain that long-coveted, Hollywood Smile. ‘The average cost for teeth whitening is around £350 in the UK, but is it worth it?’

The clinic notes that bleaching your teeth might damage protein in the dentin layer of your tooth, causing sensitivity and discomfort. The solution can’t always be controlled either, causing it to reach your gums and turn them white, whilst irritating the soft tissues in your mouth. The results aren’t always consistent either, as some stains in your teeth may take longer to lift, leaving you with discoloured teeth amongst bright white ones. These irregularities mean a yearly top up is necessary, adding up to £18,200 on average for a lifetime of teeth whitening procedures.

Dr Petya Chaprazova at the Dental Art Implants Clinic said: “Everyone’s smile is unique. And as World Oral Health Day approaches, it’s a good reminder that we all need to find time each and every day to keep our smile bright and shining. All it takes is literally two minutes in the morning and evening of following the standard brushing and flossing techniques, and you’re already making sure you protect that unique smile of yours.

“Today, celebrate this fact you are unique and be proud of your mouth!”

Full research can be found here: – including a look at veneers, composite bonding and gum contouring.

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Dental Art Implant Clinic found the average UK cost for these treatments and then calculated how much that would cost over the span of a lifetime (52 years, presuming that treatments would begin at age 18 and stop at 70).