Mouthwash that minimises airborne infection

CleanCert Ltd is highlighting the properties of its mouthwash, OraWize+ which reduces the risk posed by aerosol generating procedures and assists biofilm management during general and specialist dental treatment.

99.9999% effective against known pathogens, OraWize+ has a highly effective oxidising action – a property shown in studies from Wuhan to be required for the effective killing of Covid-19 in the mouth and in aerosols –  and destroys harmful micro-organisms by disrupting their RNA (like DNA) which in turn kills their cell structure.

The product’s active ingredient has been tested against the stringent BS EN 14476, which evaluates virucidal activity in non-enveloped viruses, such as norovirus, and more friable enveloped viruses, such as HIV, influenza and coronaviruses. It has also been confirmed as a biocide by UK regulators – defined in European legislation as a “chemical substance or microorganism intended to destroy, deter, render harmless, or exert a controlling effect on any harmful organism”.

Mick Armstrong, BDA Chair, said: “We welcome the development of products that can be used to reduce viral load. As an adjunct to appropriate PPE, they can offer additional protection to colleagues treating patients during the pandemic.”

The mouthwash irrigant is temporarily available from CleanCert in 5L quantities at half price for use as an oxidizing biocidal mouthwash by dental teams offering emergency dental care. The product is nontoxic and free from alcohol, chlorhexidine and parabens.

Testing the water with your infection control knowledge

Have you ever wondered how up to date you and your colleagues are regarding infection control and water lines in your practice?

CleanCert, which specialises in developing innovative dental infection control and water purification products, is providing you with the perfect opportunity to test your infection control knowledge via a thought-provoking survey.

To be launched at this year’s Dentistry Show in Birmingham, held later this week on 18 and 19 May, this simple survey will help dental professionals understand what is required of them to achieve ‘best practice’, as well as enabling CleanCert to tailor a programme to support customers going forward.

Commenting on this exciting new project, Simon Davies, Managing Director, said: ‘Those of us working in dentistry know that there’s more to infection control that meets the eye, and there is more to CleanCert, too. Whilst our products meet all of the practice’s health and safety needs, all the while achieving ‘best practice’ safely, easily and cost-effectively, we know there’s more to be done.

“That is why we created this survey, in an effort to gain a greater understanding of the realities of infection control and water lines in dental practice for those working at the ‘coal face’. Once we have collected and analysed the data, we at CleanCert will be able to offer our customers a greater level of service than ever before, because we will have a better understanding of the limitations and challenges facing the dental team in their pursuit of ‘best practice’.”

To take part, simply pop by stand H100 – where you can be sure of a warm welcome – or complete the survey at before the end of June 2018.

What’s more, anyone who completes the survey before the cut-off date will be entered into a prize draw to win a luxury spa day for two at a Mercure Hotel.

For further details, visit, email or call 08443 511115.