Eurus S6 – Ergonomic perfection for total control

Belmont’s new flagship treatment centre, the Eurus S6, exudes refinement with a contemporary design that has the Belmont renowned below-the-patient swing-arm delivery system and powerful intuitive touchscreen for advanced instrument control.

The clear and logical touchscreen offers one touch control across a wide range of functions including : handpiece flushing, spittoon valve cleaning, micro motor speed control, turbine speed limiting, optic on/off, scaler settings, spittoon bowl flushing, dental light operating modes and much more.

With an easy-to-read display that tells you all you need to know at a glance, you can pre-programme settings or restore to standard in just one touch. As a combination this brings a wealth of operating options to the fingertips of the dentist. 

The ergonomic functionality allows maximum working space for both operator and assistant. With the spittoon rotated 90 degrees, clear access to the left side of the patient allows the operator to work with ease. Uniquely, this treatment centre allows positioning of the doctor table, instruments, and assistant tray discreetly out of view behind the chair backrest, easing any patient anxiety as they enter the surgery.

New features include a taller backrest cushion with additional lumbar support for unrivalled patient comfort, a wireless foot control as standard for ease of operator positioning with low battery indicator on the touchscreen, plus a wealth of new safety features.

To feel the difference, you’re invited to one of our showrooms to see for yourself. Some things are better experienced rather than explained.

A New Series, with Fresh Narrative

Eurus is the new range from Belmont. Named after the god of the East Wind, it embodies Belmont’s passion to bring powerful, innovative products to the dental industry. Eurus is designed with the end-user in mind. Firstly, you have the option of either a continental or holder type delivery. If you prefer the former, you will immediately note the improved flexibility of the console; you can pick up and start treating patients without having to reposition, and the roller guide gently supports the weight of the hose, and enables it to retract with ease, both of which prevent wrist strain. The hose length and swivel action of the roller facilitates treatment from whichever angle you chose to position yourself.

The holder type option offers similar benefits. The large table has a wide vertical range of motion and glides effortlessly. Sitting discreetly underneath is an adjustable holder, which is completely separate from the table and can be moved to one of three different positions, to suit the preference of the user. Once you’ve selected a handpiece, the interface automatically shows only relevant information. Torque will no longer need to be calculated; instead the micromotor, turbine and scaler each have a bespoke screen, with operating levels clearly visible. Never before has so much been achievable from a single touch.

Intuitive control has also been afforded to the assistant’s holder, with control of the chair, light, cup-filler and bowl flush visible on a compact touchpad. Safety and accessibility are a given – there’s a chair LED warning light, a low water level indicator light, a concealed utility panel and a high flow rate vacuum system. Safety considerations are paramount; the holders themselves, along with the handles of the Eurus light, can easily be removed and cleaned.

The Eurus is surprisingly compact considering all its additional functionality. It can be installed in an area as narrow as 1.8 metres wide, giving ample room for both the dentist and the assistant.

Some things are best experienced, rather than explained, so why not visit our Showroom and see for yourself. All necessary protocols are in place to ensure a safe face-to-face visit.

What does the ‘super deduction’ mean for dental practices?

The Chancellor unveiled a so-called super deduction first year capital allowance of 130% in the recent budget. This temporary break is available for new qualifying plant and machinery purchased by companies between 1 April 2021 and 31 March 2023.

This is the first time that the government has introduced a rate of capital allowances relief that exceeds 100%, with few exclusions in terms of the kinds of plant and machinery for which it can be used to make it an attractive measure.

In practical terms this means that if a company spends, say, £10,000 in eligible expenditure, they may claim a deduction against their taxable profits of £13,000. Since the rate of corporation tax is 19%, this is a potential tax saving of £2,470 (19% of £13,000) that would not otherwise have been available.

Whilst the capital allowances legislation does not define ‘plant’ or ‘machinery’, ‘apparatus’ such as dental chairs and other dental equipment, essential in order to practice dentistry, would be considered as plant and machinery for the purposes of the relief.

Stephen Price, Managing Director of Belmont, commented: “Given the limited lifespan of the tax break, companies should start planning now as there’s no better time to invest in new equipment”.