Spark by Allergan Aesthetics launches Apex Series exclusively for Dental Professionals

Allergan Aesthetics first launched its Spark Portal in October 2018 with the intent of supporting up and coming practitioners in their aesthetics journey by offering them support, training and inspiration from trusted veterans of the aesthetics business. The past year has been turbulent for dentists and aesthetic practitioners, with work being booked and cancelled from one week to the next, it has been difficult to promote and grow a business in such uncertainty. With this in mind, the people behind Spark by Allergan Aesthetics set up a live round table discussion with four dento/facial aestheticians who work in parallel with their dentistry practice, to enable them to share their inspirational stories, break down potential barriers to adoption, and discuss the practicalities and ethics of offering facial aesthetic treatments in tandem with dentistry.

Taking part in the discussion are four dentists who shine in facial aesthetics; Dr James Olding, Dr Rhona Eskander, Dr Zainab Al Mukhtar and Dr Yasmin Shakarchy, who aim to dispel any aesthetic myths that could be preventing potential dental professionals from branching out and learning new skills to enhance and benefit their practice, and to boost the confidence of those already on their aesthetics journey but who may be feeling slightly unmotivated in their endeavour.

During the round table discussion, which was filmed in a London TV studio, the four influential aestheticians each focused on a specific area of expertise which was thoroughly explored with their peers. The outcome will be broadcast on the Allergan Spark Hub during April and May. This isn’t the typical presentation that you’d see in a clinical meeting, Spark by Allergan Aesthetics has organised these presentations with the intent of creating exciting and engaging content for upcoming practitioners, offering dynamic, actionable tips and advice.

Making the transition from dentistry into facial aesthetics

Dr James Olding is an experienced lecturer and facial aesthetics tutor, and his presentation is titled ‘Training in facial aesthetics, – ‘what every dentist ought to know’Dr Olding will be discussing what dentists should look for and consider when thinking about training in aesthetics, why they are uniquely skilled for this, and what they should ask when deciding to train. Dr Rhona Eskander and her 68k celebrity social media following make her the ideal person to talk about ‘How can social media drive the growth of facial aesthetics in your dental practice’. Dr Eskander will explain how to tap into the goldmine that is the Millennial and Gen Z zeitgeist. Meanwhile, Dr Yasmin Shakarchy has mastered the art of patient cultivation. Her talk ‘The Patient Journey – from dental to facial aesthetics’ will touch on the patient’s treatment journey from initial enquiry to ongoing care. Dr Zainab Al Mukhtar’s talk specifically targets dentists looking to expand into aesthetics ‘Building a successful combination practice – how dentistry and facial aesthetics work so well together’ Dr Al Mukhtar will call on her own experience of running a successful dually focused practice.

Igniting the touch paper

The round table discussion was filmed live and will be available on the Allergan Spark Hub between April and May 2021. To view them log onto

  • Wednesday 28th April Episode 1 – Dr Rhona Eskander
  • Wednesday 5th May Episode 2 – Dr James Olding
  • Wednesday 12th May Episode 3 – Dr Yasmin Shakarchy
  • Wednesday 19th May Episode 4 – Dr Zainab Al Mukhtar

It is also possible to register for Spark by Allergan Aesthetics to access a wealth of educational content including all the training and resources you may need to ignite your knowledge and business, on-demand video resources including Harley Academy clinical webinars and access to a team of Virtual Product Specialists to request tailored support. To do so, please visit

Further details revealed ahead of Allergan Aesthetics’ Spark Talk

As previously reported, medical aesthetics company, Allergan Spark, has created a knowledge hub to provide healthcare professionals with access to real-time business and clinical support online resources, as well as access to events, webinars, and talks. In June, Allergan issued a challenge to healthcare professionals – including dentists – who use the Sparks hub, to video a 30-second pitch about a business-related idea, insight or clinical pearl they would like to share with the profession, ultimately deciding upon the final seven to each deliver a Spark Talk aimed at sparking inspiration and enhancing the knowledge of aesthetic professionals who would like to increase their facial aesthetic offering.

The talks take place on 22nd July at 7pm and will share personal insights including:

  • Why patient retention is the key to a successful business
  • The importance of clinical photography to improve visibility
  • How to maximise initial consultations for optimum patient satisfaction
  • Managing potential risks and emotions to prevent complications
  • Identifying patients it may not be possible to treat

The Spark Talks will focus on different topics, each of interest to aesthetic professionals looking for ways to expand their skills and their practices.

Dr Manav Bawa is an advanced cosmetic doctor, who will be giving his talk about the patient journey. He says: “I hope that my colleagues will take away a few hints and tips to put into practice straight away. Simple things that will really help them move from the blind leading the blind to actually having some structure in place for them to run their own business. To look to achieve those goals and to actually get there.”

All the clinicians are keen to share their expertise, what they have learned, and what they would like to pass on to help those who are keen on expanding their facial aesthetics experience to complement their dental skills.

“In my experience it’s really hard to turn people away for treatment”, says Dr Emma Sloan, an International aesthetics trainer and ‘Expert Injector’, who’s talk will focus on establishing a roadmap to treat difficult cases. “Part of the skill to being an aesthetician is to know who to turn away from a professional point of view, but also if it’s in their best interest. You have to be careful that you always sign post patients to somewhere where they can seek help. It’s really important to handle those cases sensitively.”

Dr Mo and Dr Abdu Nassimizadeh have quickly established impressive reputations both as individuals and collectively within the aesthetic industry. Dr Abdul explains why photography will form the basis of their talk: “Dental photography became a big thing over the last year or two years. Photography in aesthetics is a brilliant way of improving social visibility, but it becomes a minefield for patients if practitioners start editing photos, so it’s important that people learn to take great photos that show their work honestly.”

“The overall aim of my talk is to educate healthcare professionals about patient complications, adds Dr James Olding a GMC-registered doctor training in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. “It will outline why I think regulation is so important, because it will improve patient safety. Complications will always happen, but the issue is recognising and dealing with it.”

To attend the live Allergan Spark Talks on 22nd July at 7pm please register via:

Allergan Spark invites dentists to view Spark Talks on 22 July

Medical aesthetics company, Allergan Spark, has created a knowledge hub to provide healthcare professionals with access to real-time business and clinical support online resources, as well as access to events, webinars, and talks. The impetus for its creation was to help healthcare professionals – including dentists looking to move into the medical aesthetics industry. Making the transition can be challenging, and finding the right support hard for the uninitiated.

In June, Allergan issued a challenge to healthcare professionals – including dentists – who use the Sparks hub, to video a 30-second pitch about a business-related idea, insight or clinical pearl they would like to share with the profession.

The Allergan Spark team viewed dozens of pitches, shortlisted 17 topics from the most passionate advocates, and invited the profession to vote for the seven they would most like to see as a televised 15-minute ‘Ted-style’ talk.

The final seven have been now been invited to give their Spark Talk in a virtual TV studio at 7pm on 22 July. The range of topics is diverse and reflects the wide range of elements practitioners need to consider when running a successful aesthetics practice including:

  • Dr Abdul & Mo Nassimizadeh – Aesthetic Photography – The Effects of Lighting
  • Dr Ahmed El Houssieny – The X-Factor
  • Dr Emma Sloan – The Challenging Client
  • Dr James Olding – Education or Regulation? Perspectives on the future of the non-surgical aesthetics industry
  • Dr Manav Bawa – Hints and Tips on How to Move From Foundation Training to Creating a Successful Business
  • Linda Mather – Blame, Shame, Guilt. The hidden victim
  • Nina Prisk – The Patient’s Experience

Dental professionals are invited to attend the live Allergan Spark Talks on 22nd July from 7pm to derive a spark of inspiration – whether they are established injectors or are considering a parallel path in medical aesthetics. Many have found that treatment with toxin and fillers can complement their dental work and expand the treatment options they can offer patients. To learn more about the speakers and to register to attend the free live event visit: Those who cannot attend the live event will be able to view all the talks on the Allergan Spark hub in the ensuing days.