Align Technology unveils iTero Lumina

New Intraoral Scanner features a 3x wider field of capture in a 50% smaller wand that delivers faster scanning, higher accuracy, and superior visualization for greater practice efficiency

Align Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: ALGN) a leading global medical device company that designs, manufactures, and sells the Invisalign® system of clear aligners, iTero™ intraoral scanners, and exocad™ CAD/CAM software for digital orthodontics and restorative dentistry, has announced the launch of the iTero Lumina™ intraoral scanner – with a 3X wider field of capture in a 50% smaller and 45% lighter wand, delivering faster scanning speed, higher accuracy, superior visualization, and a more comfortable6 scanning experience.

Designed with iTero Multi-Direct Capture technology that replaces the confocal imaging technology in earlier models, the iTero Lumina scanner:

    • Has a wider field of capture and multi-angled scanning that enables simultaneous capture from multiple angles, making it possible to capture more dentition in a single uninterrupted movement, and deliver smoother, faster, and more accurate scans3;
    • Has a larger capture distance of up to 25mm**, making it easier1 to scan complex oral regions such as narrow or deep palates, edentulous spaces, and partially erupted teeth with minimal maneuvering;
    • Quickly5, easily1, and accurately3 captures more data and greater detail while delivering exceptional scan quality and photorealistic 3D models that remove the need for the bulky digital cameras and cheek retractors required for traditional intraoral photos;
    • Provides an effortless scanning experience that sets a new level of ergonomics and comfort, and helps remove adoption and utilization barriers7; and
    • Delivers a better patient experience with a significantly smaller and lighter wand2, which is especially beneficial for kids and teen patients.

Watch the global launch of iTero Lumina:

“Today we’re excited to introduce the next generation of iTero scanning technology that pushes the boundaries of what the industry has come to expect from a scanner,” said Karim Boussebaa, Align Technology executive vice president and managing director for the iTero scanner and services business. “iTero Lumina creates a new standard in digital scanning that achieves exceptional clinical outcomes through more detailed data capture and highly accurate, photorealistic images; increases practice efficiency with an effortless, faster scanning experience; and delivers an elevated, more comfortable experience for clinicians and patients.”

“It’s exciting to reveal the iTero Lumina intraoral scanner, designed to meet the needs of doctors and their patients, including a smaller wand with data capture capabilities and the potential to redefine what scanners can do,” said Arie Eshco, Align Technology vice president, global product, marketing, and services, for the iTero scanner and services business. “With iTero Lumina, the iTero tools and features that practices use every day with their orthodontic and comprehensive patients – tools like Invisalign® Outcome Simulator, iTero Occlusogram, iTero TimeLapse, and the recently released Align™ Oral Health Suite – are enhanced with faster, more efficient, and photorealistic image capture, making iTero technology an invaluable part of digital treatment.”

“iTero Lumina is such a leap in scanning innovation: six cameras, increased capture range while floating over the dentition. I can confidently show my patients that I have the best, the most accurate, the fastest and importantly the most effective integration of digital workflow when treating them with Invisalign. I want to apply this innovation to increase my efficiency and efficacy in the Invisalign system, and to deliver the best experience possible for my patients…and that’s what the iTero Lumina allows me to do.”
– Dr. Vicki Vlaskalic, orthodontist, Australia

“iTero Lumina has amazing cameras. You capture multiple surfaces at the same time and when I work with my younger patients, I can take a scan really in a few seconds, especially in mouths where we only have 20/24 teeth, such as early deciduous or mixed dentition patients.”
– Dr. Simonetta Meuli, orthodontist, Italy

“Our practice data shows scanning quality and times have improved with the iTero Lumina scanner, which highlights to the consumer we are all about precision orthodontics and up-to-date digital technology. It’s a tremendous leap forward in imaging and visualization which translates to better communication and patient experience.”
– Dr. David Boschken, orthodontist, US

“The accuracy, speed and ergonomics of iTero Lumina is ideal for complex scans that require more attention to details and maneuvering. For example, for full arch scans, full mouth reconstructions, multiple restorative units, and conservative preparations like veneers which were some of the most impressive features I’ve noticed so far during my clinical trials.”
– Dr. Karla Soto, GP, US

Information about the iTero Lumina™ intraoral scanner can be found at and

For information about iTero Lumina intraoral scanner availability, please contact your Align Technology representative.

About iTero Lumina Intraoral Scanner

iTero Lumina is the next generation of digital scanning technology that pushes the boundaries of what intraoral scanners can do and sets a new standard for practice performance. ​New proprietary iTero Multi-Direct Capture™ technology offers 3X wider field of capture1, high accuracy3 and maximum capture distance of 25mm** for a smooth scanning experience for users and patients. Photorealistic scans enable high quality clinical decisions the same way intraoral photos do3.​ Advanced software enabling effortless, uninterrupted, and flexible scanning experience at 2X the speed4 ​in a 50% smaller2 wand for a more comfortable6 experience, for adult, kids, and teens alike.​ The iTero Lumina™ intraoral scanner is available in both cart and mobile configurations on the iTero Plus Series platform.

  1. Compared to the field of view of the iTero Element™ 5D imaging system, when the iTero Lumina™ intraoral scanner’s scanning distance is 12 mm.*
  2. Compared to iTero Element™ 5D imaging system wand, excluding the wand cable.*
  3. The iTero Lumina™ intraoral scanner has scientifically proven greater accuracy* for your clinical orthodontic needs.
  4. For Invisalign record-taking cases only. Based on a survey in September 2023 of n=22 users who participated in a global limited market release, working with iTero Lumina™ intraoral scanner for an average period of 6 months, representing both Invisalign trained general practitioners and orthodontists in NA, EU and APAC, who were presented with a 4 point level of agreement scale from strongly agree to strongly disagree with the following statement: “iTero Lumina™ intraoral scanner 3D model is comparable to that of an intraoral photo.” and “iTero Lumina™ intraoral scanner photorealistic scans enable orthodontic clinical assessment the same way intraoral photos do.” and “iTero Lumina™ intraoral scanner 3D model’s superior 3D model eliminates the need to take intraoral photos.” and “iTero Lumina™ intraoral scanner 3D model’s superior 3D model boosts patient engagement.”*
  5. Compared to iTero Element™ 5D wand with tolerance AVE=±0.1 operating at a working distance from 0-20 mm.*
  6. For doctors and their staff: Over other iTero™ scanners in their respective clinics. Based on a survey in September 2023 of n=22 users who participated in a global limited market release, working with iTero Lumina™ intraoral scanner for an average period of 6 months, representing both Invisalign® trained general practitioners, orthodontists, and their staff in NA, EMEA and APAC, who were presented with a 4 point level of agreement scale from strongly agree to strongly disagree with the following statement: “I prefer the iTero Lumina™ intraoral scanner over other iTero scanners in my clinic due to the comfortable scanning experience it provides. For patients: Compared to iTero Element™ 5D imaging system wand.
  7. Based on a survey in September 2023 of n=22 users who participated in a global limited market release, working with iTero Lumina™ intraoral scanner for an average period of 6 months, representing both Invisalign trained general practitioners and orthodontists, and their staff in NA, EU and APAC, who were presented with a 4 point level of agreement scale from strongly agree to strongly disagree with the following statement: “The iTero Lumina™ intraoral scanner scanning experience helps remove adoption and utilization barriers.”
*Compared to the accuracy of the iTero Element™ 5D imaging system. **Data on file at Align Technology, as of November 15, 2023.

Study confirms benefits of iTero 5D imaging system in detecting interproximal caries lesions

Align Technology has revealed the findings of a multi-centre clinical study, “Reflected near-infrared light versus bite-wing radiography for the detection of proximal caries: a multicentre prospective clinical study conducted in private practices,” published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Dentistry (Oct. 24, 2021). The study validates and further demonstrates the significant benefits of the iTero Element 5D imaging system as an aid in detection and monitoring of interproximal caries lesions above the gingiva without harmful radiation.

The clinical study was designed to compare the detection of interproximal caries (dental cavities and decay on the proximal surface(s) of adjacent teeth) by dentists using near infra-red technology (NIRI) and bitewing radiography (a dental x-ray designed to show the crowns of the upper and lower posterior teeth simultaneously). The results demonstrated high accuracy (p<0.0001) detection of early enamel lesions (88.6%)*** and of carious lesions involving the dentino-enamel junction (96.9%)*** (the boundary between the enamel and the underlying dentin that form a tooth). 

In addition, the study compared NIRI and bitewing radiography to visual caries debridement (clinical removal of tooth decay). When compared against clinical evaluation of posterior proximal lesions observed during caries debridement, the NIRI technology of the iTero Element 5D imaging system was 66%** more sensitive than bitewing x-ray technology and demonstrated 96%** sensitivity for posterior interproximal lesions detections.

“We are pleased to see the results of these clinical findings further validate what doctors and their patients have experienced.  The visualisation capabilities of the iTero Element 5D imaging system helps in the early detection of cavities without x-ray radiation,” said Yuval Shaked, senior vice president and managing director, iTero scanner and services business, Align Technology. “This study emphasises the valuable role that the iTero 5D imaging system with NIRI technology is already providing doctors and their staff to support their dental assessments of patients and overall patient oral healthcare and treatment options. When combined with the ease of use and comfortable experience for a broad population of patients, the iTero 5D imaging system with NIRI technology is an essential tool for any doctor’s practice.”

As part of the study, the iTero Element 5D imaging system was used to perform intraoral scans on 100 patients in five dental clinics across Germany and Canada. The iTero Element 5D imaging system includes NIRI technology that scans the internal structure of a tooth (enamel and dentin) in real time that aids in caries detection while simultaneously capturing 3D colour images of dentition. Reflected near infra-red light images of posterior (back of the mouth) teeth were used to detect interproximal caries and the results were then compared to bitewing radiography. NIRI was found to be more sensitive than bitewing radiography in detecting early enamel lesions and comparable in detecting dentinal lesions.

Lead study author Dr. Zvi Metzger, Professor, Departments of Oral Biology and Endodontology, at The Goldschleger School of Dental Medicine, Tel Aviv University, commented on the study findings: “Reflected near infra-red light images generated simultaneously during 3D scanning of dental arches with the iTero Element 5D imaging system scanner may be used reliably for detection, screening and monitoring of proximal caries. This method for caries detection may potentially minimise the traditional use of ionising radiation.”

Dr. Peggy Bown, a participant in the study, shared that: “As a current user of the iTero Element 5D imaging system, participating in the study was very beneficial to me. I could further see the clinical value of the iTero Element 5D imaging system through its high sensitivity at detecting early enamel lesions and ease of use. Having one system, one scan, and one tip eliminates the need for multiple devices, repetitive sterilisation, and minimises the use of harmful radiation.”

The study described was sponsored by Align Technology.

* iTero NIRI technology is the same across the iTero Element 5D system and some configurations of iTero Element Plus imaging systems since the wand, optics and software are the same.

** Data on file at Align Technology, September 2021

*** Data on file at Align Technology, February 2021

Align Technology announces new education series for iTero Intraoral Scanner

Align Technology has announced a new professional education event: the iTero Digital Masterclass series, curated to encourage dentists, orthodontists and their teams to fully delve into the unexplored scope of the iTero intraoral scanner’s restorative, diagnostic and orthodontic workflows.

The first iTero Digital Masterclass begins on Saturday November 6 in London, with the second day scheduled for November 20. The second masterclass will be held on December 3 and 4. Over two full days, participants can gain technical knowledge and hands-on experience from professionals who have been using the iTero intraoral scanner: Dr. Paul Abrahams, cosmetic and restorative general practitioner, current President of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD), and Dr Jan Einfeldt, UK representative for the orthodontic committee of the International Digital Dental Academy (IDDA).

Dr Abrahams will guide attendees on how to ‘Build a digital practice through restorative efficiencies’ and how to ‘Master their restorative capabilities with the use of iTero scanners’. He will showcase a demo of an end-to-end restorative workflow, share the benefits of scanning from his clinical perspective, as well as troubleshooting issues the dental team might come across. Dr Jan Einfeldt will present a masterclass to help his peers grow their iTero utilisation, explaining how to get the most out of the, a cloud-based portal and its capabilities. He will share some tips and tricks to help navigate through most situations that doctors may come across and highlight the crucial role played by team members in a digitized practice to improve the patient experience that may potentially also increase practice revenue.

Dr Jan Einfeldt

Both speakers have positioned their iTero intraoral scanners at the core of their dental practices. Dr Abrahams explained: “Over a decade has elapsed since I changed my practice set up, and I have learnt that no matter what stage of your career you’re at, the iTero scanner makes a difference to your dentistry offering and helps grow your business. Some doctors might think the iTero intraoral scanner only as an open door to treating patients with the Invisalign system, but there is so much more! I take digital impressions for all my implant and restorative cases. For me, the iTero scanner is a significant device, used also for implant treatments. 

His co-presenter Dr Jan Einfeldt commented: “Today my practice is equipped with two iTero scanners, including the latest iTero Element Plus Series 5D mobile configuration. In terms of patient engagement, the iTero scanner has taken the practice to new levels. When you take patients on a visual tour of their own oral environment and discuss tooth wear, crowding and other issues, they can see with their own eyes. Patients feel empowered and prompt you to offer them solutions like tooth alignment even though it had not on their mind in the first place.”

There will be more to discover at the upcoming Digital Masterclass in terms of first-hand experiences of the iTero scanner’s features, software and inter-connective technology.

The first two sessions that will take place on November 6 and 20, 2021 are being held at Altitude London, on the 29 floor of the Grade II listed Millbank Tower close to the House of Parliament.

Both events are filling up fast, so to book one of remaining limited places per session and for the full agenda, please visit

Align Technology’s UK and Ireland cycling team raises £30,000 for Operation Smile

Align Technology’s UK and Ireland cycling team exceeded its charity fundraising target of £25,000 and raised over £30,000 for Operation Smile. The funds will be used to help change the lives of 240 children from underprivileged countries who were born with a cleft lip and cleft palate

The marathon fundraiser was achieved by a small convoy of motivated Align team members who cycled from Land’s End to John O’Groats – a road trip of 928 miles over 10 days from 11th – 20th September.  The team of cyclists made daily pit stops at Invisalign practices en route, as well as dropping in on the British Orthodontic Society Congress in Manchester. They were also joined by Dr. Sandeep Kumar and specialist orthodontists Dr. Chris Buchanan and Dr. Peter McCullum for parts of the ride.

Some of the expedition statistics include:

  • Total miles covered: 928
  • Hours cycled: 71 hrs 38mins
  • Calories burnt: 48,398
  • Feet climbed: 52,849
  • Equivalent of 1.8 of Everests climbed
  • Top riding speed achieved: 51.9 mph

According to team lead Dan Parsons, Align Technology marketing director UKI: “The Invisalign practices we visited en-route every day were unbelievably welcoming, fuelled us with food and drinks, and one of the clinics held a raffle and raised additional funds to add to the event total.  Their support and enthusiasm for what we were trying to achieve provided a welcome boost every day and definitely spurred us on. We cannot thank them enough for their sustenance and TLC.”

Below is the daily ride and clinic visit schedule:

  • 11 September Set off from Lands End to Bodmin – 65 miles – Lander Dentistry, Truro
  • 12 September Bodmin to Whiddon Down – 57 miles – Better Smiles, Tavistock
  • 13 September Whiddon Down to Wookey Hole – 76 miles – Confident, Taunton
  • 14 September Wookey Hole to Ludlow – 100 miles – Whitetree Dental, Bristol and The Dentist, Tupsley
  • 15 September Ludlow to Chorley – 114 miles – Monksmoore Dental, Shrewsbury and Dr Nikhil Oberai Clinic, Northwich
  • 16 September Chorley to Carlisle – 100 miles – Brock Street Dental, and SmileVille, Lancaster
  • 17 September Carlisle to Cumbernauld – 109 miles – Lockerbie Dental, Lockerbie
  • 18 September Cumbernauld to Fort William – 113 miles – weekend, no practice visit
  • 19 September Fort William to Dornoch – 107 miles – weekend, no practice visit
  • 20 September Dornoch to John O’Groats – 80 miles – end of the cycle challenge

David Henry, senior partnerships manager for Operation Smile, commented: “Congratulations to the whole Align cycling team for this amazing achievement, the money you have raised will have a life changing impact around the world, and we can’t thank you enough for undertaking this epic ride to help Operation Smile further our work.”

To make a donation, please follow the link:

Since 2013, Align Technology has supported Operation Smile worldwide s and donated over $2.5 million to date, as part of Align’s purpose to transform smiles and change lives.

Align Technology introduces first professional whitening system optimised for Invisalign aligners and Vivera retainers

Align Technology has announced an exclusive supply and distribution agreement with Ultradent Products Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of high-tech dental materials, devices, and instruments worldwide.

As part of the multi-year agreement, Align will offer Invisalign trained doctors an exclusive professional whitening system with the leading Opalescence PF whitening formula from Ultradent, optimized for use with Invisalign clear aligners and Vivera retainers. The system will carry the co-branded name of ‘Invisalign Professional Whitening System – powered by Opalescence’ and will offer the same great whitening outcomes and streamlined practice experience dental professionals expect from the Opalescence PF product during active tooth movement with Invisalign aligners, as well as during passive retention using Vivera retainers. The Invisalign Professional Whitening System will be commercially available globally in 2022.

“A brighter, whiter smile is an important part of the Invisalign patient journey. In fact, a recent North America survey (1) shows that the majority of patients start a teeth whitening procedure during or after they complete Invisalign treatment,” said Raj Pudipeddi, Align Technology chief product and marketing officer, and SVP and managing director of the Asia Pacific Region. “We believe that by providing an all-in-one solution that combines a leading teeth-whitening system with the most advanced clear aligner system in the world, we enable Invisalign  trained doctors to enhance their patients’ treatment experience with a seamless workflow that also enables practice efficiency and growth. We’re very excited to partner with Ultradent to offer the first professional whitening system optimized for use with Invisalign clear aligners and Vivera retainers. Invisalign system trained doctors can use Opalescence PF for in-office teeth whitening treatment and for doctor supervised at-home whitening.”

“We’re honored to partner with Align to make the top professional teeth whitening products available to more clinicians and patients around the world,” said Ultradent President and CEO Dirk Jeffs. “Providing Align with teeth whitening products, ideal for use with Invisalign aligners and Vivera retainers, is a considerable step toward our mission of improving oral health globally and we look forward to pursuing this mission together.”

“Many of my patients would like whiter teeth as well as a straighter smile”, said Dr. Brian Amy, an orthodontist and Align Faculty member practicing in Oklahoma City. “The new Invisalign Professional Whitening System allows me to provide both simultaneously using the brands I trust.”

“After testing this system in my practice, I can confirm that the Invisalign Professional Whitening System is easy to administer and offers a great patient experience by combining whitening with Invisalign aligners or Vivera retainers,” said Dr. Jennifer Bell, a restorative and cosmetic dentist and Align GP Advisory Board Member practicing in Holly Springs, North Carolina. “The simple ordering mechanism minimizes burden on my practice to store and manage whitening products, while providing the brighter, whiter smiles we have come to expect from the Opalescence PF product.” 

Ultradent is an ISO13485 certified facility and will manufacture the products according to those standards.

New iTero Workflow 2.0 software release

In other news, the new iTero Workflow 2.0 software release with advanced features that provide enhanced intraoral image sharpness for clearer hard and soft tissue details to aid in treatment diagnosis, while also driving practice efficiency, patient engagement, and a more seamless end-to-end digital treatment experience for doctors and their patients.

“Align’s commitment to innovation in digital orthodontics and restorative dentistry reflects our $250 million annual investment in technology to develop products and services that provide doctors and their patients with a great treatment outcome and seamless experience through the Align digital platform,” said Yuval Shaked, Align SVP and MD of the iTero systems and services business. “Our new iTero Workflow 2.0 software features were developed to simplify and streamline a doctor’s daily routine and increase practice efficiency. From a faster, all-in-one scan with enhanced visualization capabilities to improved patient communication, including the ability to capture, annotate and then share Invisalign simulations or restorative treatment plans digitally, these new features provide doctors with the ability for better clinical diagnosis and help patients better understand their oral health conditions and the proposed treatment options.”

The newly released iTero Workflow 2.0 software features include:

  • Faster scanning: Enables a faster and smoother all-in-one scan for maximum efficiency with 20% less waiting for processing time on the iTero Element Plus Series scanners1 and 50% faster movement and 25% faster rotation during scanning2 for efficient daily use and ease of learning on all iTero Element scanners.
  • Improved visualization: The integrated 3D intraoral camera included in the iTero Element 5D Plus imaging system provides enhanced sharpness and improved image quality powered by advanced AI capabilities to deliver clearer soft and hard tissue details to support diagnosis3. In addition, the enhanced capabilities allow clinics to efficiently use intraoral scan images in place of traditional intraoral photos as they can capture multiple intraoral images at different angles automatically with one scan.
  • Next level patient communication tools: The new Snapshot tool and iTero Scan Report provide doctors and their staff with the ability to capture information such as Invisalign Outcome Simulator projections and share it digitally with their patients, allowing patients to make more confident decisions – in the dental chair or at home – which may lead to higher treatment acceptance.

“I am already experiencing meaningful difference with the new iTero software features and have seen significantly reduced scan times,” said Dr. Olivier Boujenah, a dentist in France who participated in the limited market release. “The intraoral images are much sharper, and my patients are impressed by the details and clarity, which leads them to ask more questions about treatment options. Being able to send digital files with patients when they leave the office through the iTero Scan Report keeps our conversation going even after they are home, and I already see this capability helping with patient acceptance.”

iTero Workflow 2.0 software features are being rolled out regionally and are expected to be available in all markets where the iTero Element Plus imaging systems are available.  The iTero Element Plus Series is available in the United States, Canada, European Union, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and India with availability expected in other markets throughout 2021 and 2022. Software features will vary by scanner. Discover more at

 Simplified workflow through new iTero Element 5D auto-upload functionality

The company also announced the launch of a new iTero Element 5D imaging system auto-upload of intraoral photos for Invisalign case submissions. This new functionality eliminates steps and streamlines Invisalign case submissions with intraoral color scan images that can be used in place of traditional intraoral photos.

The iTero Element 5D imaging system wands are designed with advanced technology, including an intraoral camera, that enables the doctor to scan, capture and auto convert the scan into 2D color photos.   This enhanced capability provides doctors the option to automatically populate the five required images in the prescription form in the Invisalign Doctor Site (IDS) with 2D color scan photos. Currently, the Invisalign prescription form requires at least five intraoral photos upon submission, taken with Invisalign Photo Uploader (IPU) or a digital camera.   This new auto upload functionality will be available in all markets where the iTero Element 5D imaging systems are sold.

“The iTero Element 5D is a milestone in the development and modernisation of my practice” – said Dr. Joanna Vorhauser, Invisalign dentist from Germany. “The technology does not only impress our team, but also our patients and supports us in our communication with them: Now our patients can see their teeth and oral health from our perspective. The visualisation tools are also great for educational discussions and documentation. With the availability of the 5D auto upload functionality, we can now submit Invisalign case prescription without the need for intraoral photos, which makes the upload to the Invisalign Doctor Site is even faster. These improvements are also much more convenient for patients, and my assistant doesn’t have to worry about the quality of the images.”

Align Technology’s Invisalign system to be presented at the London Dentistry Show

Invisalign will be highlighted during presentations about how to enhance dental patient consultations using digital technology

Align Technology will be at the London Dentistry Show, Olympia on September 17- 18, 2021

Align will be welcoming visitors to stand J40. The company is also sponsoring Dr. Raj Juneja and Dr. Teki Sowdani, who will present about digital and practice growth and expand on how to ramp up patient interactions and stimulate greater orthodontic and restorative case acceptance by embracing digital technology.

Dr. Juneja, an associate working at two practices in Berkshire and Hertfordshire, will present a lecture titled How to supercharge patient consultations using digital technology” at 11.30 am. During his presentation, he will share his personal journey with the iTero intraoral scanner and explain how he used it to expand beyond only treating patients with the Invisalign system, and in all aspects of care for his dental patients.

Dr.Juneja explains how powerful the iTero scanner has been in helping achieve this growth: “I think that all dentists would concur that communicating with patients is an art, and as motivated as you might be, patients might not be totally receptive when you talk to them about tooth wear or issues that they cannot really see. With the iTero scanner, they visualise the issues themselves, and become more immediately more engaged. Since I started scanning every patient, I have literally quadrupled my case acceptance rates. It is refreshing that patients become the drivers of their own treatments by being able to make an informed decision, supported by their dentist. I have reversed the normal dentist/patient dialogue with them prompting me to discuss issues that the iTero scanner is highlighting”.

Joining Dr. Juneja at the London Dentistry Show on September 18 at 12.45pm will be Dr. Teki Sowdani who will present to delegates “How the Invisalign System can transform their practice.” He will describe how the Invisalign system can transform dental practices for newly qualified, experienced dentists, associates, or principals – as it did for him.  

In his presentation, Dr. Sowdani will also share his experience of integrating the Invisalign system into his practice, first as an associate and now as a principal, and how it enables him and his team to provide the best care for their patients. He will be advising delegates about the wide variety of types of cases which the Invisalign system can treat and describe how Invisalign treatment can integrate with restorative treatments to achieve better outcomes for a far wider cohort of patients.

For more information about the London Dentistry Show agenda please visit: Alternatively, visit the Align Technology stand J40. Leading up to the Show, it is also possible to contact Align Technology directly by clicking on the logo and on the contact exhibitor button provided in this link:

Align Technology’s UK and Ireland team get on their bikes for Operation Smile

Align Technology’s UK and Ireland employees have organised a series of eight fund raising events to amass £50,000 for Operation Smile by the end of 2021.

The headline fundraiser will see a convoy of Align team members, cycling from Land’s End to John O’Groats – an epic road trip of 921 miles over 10 days from 11th – 20th September.  The team of cyclists will make pit stops at Invisalign practices en route from where they will also report their progress. The team of mixed ability riders have been training physically and psychologically to prepare themselves for the tough challenge they have set themselves.   They have also set themselves a target of raising £25,000 for the cycling challenge.

Dan Parsons, Director of Marketing for the UK and Ireland, one of the ride participants explained: “We decided to embark on this cycling adventure as part of a major fund-raising initiative for Operation Smile, Align’s long-standing charity partner organisation, and for which we have enormous admiration for the work they carry out.  According to Operation Smile, in the UK, babies are screened prenatally, with a cleft lip or cleft palate diagnosis made before they are born. The first repair operation is done between 8-12 weeks, and the second at 8-10 months. As a result, children are able to live a normal life. In resource-poor countries, infants born with cleft conditions have nine times the risk of dying within the first year of life. They may be rejected by their families or communities. They may be unable to feed or have problems speaking due to the hole in the roof of their mouth.  We feel enormously privileged to be able to help people in the UK and Ireland achieve the smile of their dreams, and this initiative is a way we can help those less able to access the help they need to achieve a life-changing smile.”

Whilst Dr Maria Moore, Chair of the Board of Trustees, Operation Smile UK, commented: As a dentist myself, I worked closely with Align and the Invisalign system for many years and I’m now so thrilled to see this relationship with Operation Smile going from strength to strength. For me we have the perfect collaboration partnership due to a simple but beautiful synergy in our missions, transforming smiles and changing people’s lives. This phenomenal total of £50,000 (including £25,000 from the cycle ride alone) to be raised by Align’s UK and Ireland team this year will do just that. The team’s incredible efforts will help Operation Smile to positively transform the lives of hundreds of children with cleft lip and cleft palate conditions all over the world. On behalf of our patients and their families, I cannot thank Align enough for what will be truly life-changing support. I wish the best of luck to all of the team taking part.  Enjoy that pedaling!”

The charity ride schedule runs as follows:

  • 11 September             Set off from Lands End to Bodmin – 65 miles
  • 12 September             Bodmin to Whiddon Down – 57 miles
  • 13 September             Whiddon Down to Wookey Hole – 76 miles
  • 14 September             Wookey Hole to Ludlow – 100 miles
  • 15 September             Ludlow to Chorley – 114 miles
  • 16 September             Chorley to Carlisle – 100 miles
  • 17 September             Carlisle to Cumbernauld – 109 miles
  • 18 September             Cumbernauld to Fort William – 113 miles
  • 19 September             Fort William to Dornoch – 107 miles
  • 20 September             Dornoch to John O’Groats – 80 miles

Other fund raising initiatives Align team members have signed up for include five people taking part in The Great North Run, two contestant participating in an Iron Man competition in Finland, and another who is embarking on a three-day trek in the Lake District.  Company-wide activities include a sweepstake on the European Football Championships, a charity auction, General Manager Car Wash and a comedy night at the organisation’s sales conference.

If you would like to support the team achieve their goal of raising £25,000 from the cycling challenge by making a donation and following their progress, please follow the link:

Align Technology has supported Operation Smile worldwide for a number of years and donated over $2.5 million to date, sharing a simple yet powerful synergy in mission: to transform smiles and change lives.

Align Technology to showcase digital portfolio at IDS 2021

Align Technology, Inc. has confirmed its planned presence at the International Dental Show 2021 (IDS) in Cologne, Germany on September 22-25, 2021. Together, the Align and exocad booths will represent Align’s biggest IDS exhibition space to date.

Align’s interactive booth, located in sector A-030-C-031, hall 3.2 will showcase its full portfolio of products and services. Align’s presence at IDS will be developed as a hybrid experience, with a physical space that will be compliant with public health guidelines for the limited number of in-person attendees, plus virtual experiences specially designed for those attending digitally.

IDS 2021 attendees – including doctors, lab practitioners, and industry partners – will be able to learn about Align’s innovations, including the Invisalign Go Plus system, the latest addition to general dentists’ portfolio for mild to more complex cases. Attendees will also have the opportunity to see how digital workflows can be enabled by the Align Digital Platform for the Invisalign system, iTero intraoral scanners, and a suite of proprietary digital tools, including virtual solutions for continuity of care with existing patients. In addition, Align will also showcase its end-to-end workflows, including the ortho-restorative workflow and software solutions from exocad for restorative dentistry. 

“We are committed to providing long-term, agile solutions to help dental practitioners use the Invisalign system and iTero scanners to achieve predictable and efficient treatment outcomes and create positive experiences for patients,” said Markus Sebastian, Align Technology senior vice president and managing director, EMEA. “IDS is a key event to meet with Invisalign doctors and other practitioners to showcase the latest innovations that are part of our integrated Align Digital Platform. This year, we look forward to the opportunity to connect and demonstrate our commitment to the dental community, whether in person or virtually at IDS.”

“We value close communication and collaboration with our customers and strive for opportunities to engage and better understand how we can support doctors and their staff by delivering robust digital clinical education and support programs,” added Lee Taylor, Align Technology vice president of marketing, EMEA. “Our goal is to inspire Invisalign practices to leverage all the digital tools available to them and transition from analog to digital workflows as smoothly as possible.”

Further details regarding sessions and booth schedules will be announced closer to IDS 2021.

Details about exocad’s planned presence at IDS 2021:

Align Technology launches new web page for Invisalign learning

Align Technology has launched a new page on the Invisalign go website for general dentists – both existing Invisalign providers, as well as those keen to expand their comprehensive treatment capabilities.  

Through this new page, Align provides general dentists with information about how to integrate Invisalign clear aligners into their comprehensive treatment plans, with the added benefits of precision, exceptional outcomes and a seamless digital workflow. Dentists can learn more about clear aligner therapy used as a way to offer minimally invasive care – as part of an ortho-restorative process as a corrected bite promotes the ideal environment for precise, reliable results, with no need for aggressive tooth reduction.

Learning by example is important so there is an Invisalign Go outcome gallery on the site and dentists can also request gold standard examples of cases which will show them how to integrate Invisalign treatments into their clinical practice. Also accessible is a free copy of Align’s Best Practice Statement describing ‘The Diagnosis and Treatment of Malocclusion’, which explains how orthodontic treatment can prevent and intercept oral diseases and improve quality of life.

Because the Invisalign system is only part of the picture there is a section on the page about mastering efficiencies with a seamless digital workflow which highlights the use of the iTero digital scanner and some of the new tools Align has created for its integrated digital platform.

Know-how from experts is reassuring so there are also videos on the site from respected dentists who describe how the Invisalign system and digital workflow amplifies the effectiveness of their comprehensive dentistry protocols. These are all general dentists from across the world who have been successfully incorporating Invisalign clear aligners as part of their treatment plans, and have also been invited to share their stories, experiences and case studies on the new platform.

News about Invisalign certification courses, continued education and Align staged events are also detailed on the site and it is possible to sign up to these with a single click
For more information, please visit

Align Technology’s donor-advised fund donates $1 million to Operation Smile

Align Technology, Inc has announced that the Align Foundation, the Company’s donor-advised fund through Fidelity Charitable, has donated US$1 million to Operation Smile, a global surgical nonprofit, to help children around the world born with cleft conditions receive safe, effective, and timely cleft surgery and comprehensive care.

“Operation Smile’s mission strongly resonates with Align’s purpose of transforming smiles and changing lives,” said Raj Pudipeddi, chief innovation, product and marketing officer and senior vice president, Align Technology. “We are proud to support a future where more smiles can be transformed through safe surgery and medical treatment – and hope to inspire others through our donation to help Operation Smile change the lives of more children.”

The “10 Million Smiles. 10 Million Thanks” campaign is based on the transformative power of Invisalign treatment as seen through the eyes of Invisalign patients. The donation to Operation Smile builds on that goal and aims to help more children around the world to smile by raising awareness and generating support and funding for Operation Smile. Operation Smile provides surgery and ongoing care for people affected by cleft lip and cleft palate in resource-limited environments.

“We are so appreciative of the dedication and support from Align Technology over the years and are excited for what we can do to bring families renewed hope, and help children around the world smile even more as a result of this latest donation,” said Kristie Magee Porcaro, chief strategy officer, Operation Smile. “Together, we’re improving the health of many children and ensuring that they have the opportunity for a better future.”

Align Technology initiated a wave of photo sharing activity by asking its followers on social media channels around the world to share their smiles and to help change a child’s life using #10MInvisalignSmiles. The Company is working with Operation Smile and Invisalign ambassadors and regional stakeholders to encourage their communities of followers to join with them in the awareness campaign. Tag yourself using #10MInvisalignSmiles and help Align increase awareness of Operation Smile and its global mission. To learn more, please visit:

For information about Operation Smile, please visit

About Operation Smile

Operation Smile revolutionised cleft surgery globally in 1982. With nearly four decades of experience as one of the largest surgical volunteer-based nonprofits, Operation Smile staff, its private-public partnerships and thousands of volunteers have improved the health and dignity of patients with cleft conditions, helping them to better breathe, eat, speak and live lives of greater quality and confidence. While one cleft surgery can bring immediate transformation to a child’s life in as little as 45 minutes, Operation Smile is committed to providing patients with health that lasts—being there to offer patients additional surgeries, dentistry, psychological services, speech therapy and other essential cleft treatments. Its training and education programs elevate local surgical standards and entire health systems to aid safe surgery and strengthen a global network to reach more people earlier in their lives. You can learn more about its transformative and healing work by visiting or by following @operationsmile on social media. 

The Align Foundation

Launched in 2020, the Align Foundation provides a structured means by which significant donations are directed from a donor-advised fund overseen by Fidelity Charitable, with the flexibility to provide smaller monetary donations, processes to donate our products, as well as an organized way to involve our employees in giving activities. In March 2020, we funded $1 million to support COVID-19 relief efforts globally and donated personal protective equipment (PPE) such as N95 masks and worked with partners to source supplies for additional PPE to help hospitals and healthcare providers. To date, Align has contributed over $4.6 million to charitable causes including Operation Smile, America’s Toothfairy, and other non-profits dedicated to youth development through schools and educational programs. Over the last two years, our employees have volunteered over 10,000 hours as part of our dedicated month of giving in October called Month of Smiles.

About Align Technology, Inc.

Align Technology designs, manufactures and offers the Invisalign system, the most advanced clear aligner system in the world, iTero intraoral scanners and services, and exocad CAD/CAM software. These technology building blocks enable enhanced digital orthodontic and restorative workflows to improve patient outcomes and practice efficiencies for over 200 thousand doctor customers and is key to accessing Align’s 500 million consumer market opportunity worldwide. Align has helped doctors treat over 10.2 million patients with the Invisalign system and is driving the evolution in digital dentistry through the Align Digital Platform, our integrated suite of unique, proprietary technologies and services delivered as a seamless, end-to-end solution for patients and consumers, orthodontists and GP dentists, and lab/partners. Visit for more information.