BDSI’s Woodpecker Q3 and Q7 Air Purifiers for use in dental practices

Woodpecker Plasma Air Purifiers are portable units available in two sizes, the Q3 with a flow rate of 350m³ suitable for a room of 30-40m² and the Q7 a flow rate of 850m³ for 70-110m² rooms.

They use electrostatic purification technology, creating an electrical field of 20,000 – 40,000 volts to absorb aerosols and particles down to 14.6nm size effectively eliminating bacteria and viruses. Unlike other purification systems they use no filters or UV light so there are no ongoing consumable costs, simply wash the collecting plates when ‘C’ appears on the display.

The display shows the AQI from 0-500 and is colour coded. When in auto mode the machines will automatically sense the air quality and adjust their running speed.

Choose Woodpecker air purifiers with high efficiency, low noise, real time data, automatic adjustments, child locks and no consumable costs for your dental surgery

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