Agilio Software expands dental CPD offering

Agilio Software, the UK’s largest provider of healthcare operations software, has significantly enhanced its market-leading iLearn platform by adding more than 100 new clinical courses to boost training capacity for dentists and meet all Enhanced Continuous Professional Development needs in one place.

The new offering, iLearn Pro, will provide users with an extensive collection of over 100 courses authored by more than 200 leading industry experts, including Dr Finlay Sutton, Dr Amin Aminian, and Prof. Ross Hobson.

Delivering over 175 hours of CPD, iLearn Pro covers 18 popular clinical specialisms, including Restorative, Implants, Endodontics, Orthodontics and Facial Aesthetics, with more courses to be added.

Upon the release of the new Pro tier, 100,000 existing customers of iLearn will automatically be subscribed to the iLearn ‘Essentials’ offering, which will retain the functionality and course library that they have become accustomed to. This means users can still access iLearn’s 230+ courses, including General Dental Council (GDC) ‘recommended’ and ‘highly recommended’ courses, while an additional 100 courses will be available when they either upgrade to iLearn Pro or purchase on a Pay As You Go (PAYG) basis.

New iLearn Pro customers will have access to all of iLearn Essentials as well as the new Pro tier to access the additional clinical courses.

Agilio used its recent acquisition of ProDentalCPD to permit iLearn users greater access to a broader range of clinical content and video-based eCPD courses while a fully comprehensive set continues to be provided by ProDental. Further recognising that clinical topics in dentistry are subject to continuous change and advancement, the courses will be regularly reviewed and updated to ensure accuracy and relevance.

In response to the increasing need for convenient access to high-quality clinical content, Agilio has created iLearn Pro; a subset of the ProDental content. This tailored solution is designed to meet the specific requirements of dentists, providing them with a wide array of specialised clinical courses. These courses are aimed at enriching their professional knowledge and skills, all within the familiar iLearn platform. Notably, iLearn already boasts a user base of 20,000 dentists out of the 44,000 registered with the General Dental Council (GDC).

Agilio’s Head of Clinical Development (Dental), Dr David Fraser, commented: “At Agilio, we understand that life-long learning is one of the pillars of personal development, employability, and competitiveness, which is why we endeavour to make the CPD journey as efficient and effective as possible for all dental staff.

“iLearn Pro is a significant addition to our dental education ecosystem; it enables clinicians to access an online course library that is greatly diversified, delivered in both traditional and video formats, meaning that people are free to complete their CPD in their own time and in a way that suits their learning style. With iLearn Pro, we aim to bridge the gap in clinical education and bring the industry’s entire eCPD efforts under one digital roof, providing dentists with the specialised knowledge they need to excel in their practice and allowing practices to reap significant time and cost savings.”.

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Agilio Software Acquires CARAGON

Agilio Software, has announced the acquisition of the automated data solutions supplier, CARAGON, to enhance its product portfolio and add powerful data management and integration capabilities that are already used by many practices and 8 of the 10 largest Dental Service Organisations (DSOs) in the UK.

Established in 2015 by Garron Mosley and Tony Rudden, CARAGON was created as a platform to deliver cost-effective, efficient and automated solutions to free up company resources and enable customers to consolidate their data and gather actionable insights. CARAGON’s proposition is further enhanced by its integration with Practice Management Systems, NHS, insurance/plan providers and accounting software, meaning less manual data entry saving time and reducing the margin for error.

CARAGON provides three market-leading solutions to the dental sector with their Automated Associate Pay, Finance Automations and Dashboards. Over 10,000 associate dentists are paid every month using the CARAGON FLEX central online system which automates the complex process of determining associates’ pay, saving practices up to 90% on monthly processing time. CARAGON’s Finance Automations eliminate the need for unreliable and time-consuming spreadsheets, while their Dashboards help businesses uncover insights that can drive growth and improve performance.

Agilio Software’s latest acquisition continues the group’s rapid growth to become the UK’s leading provider of software and services to transform the operations of healthcare practices. Backed by August Equity, Agilio offers software and support to over 100,000 dental practitioners, 4,000 GP practices and hospitals to enable the efficient and safe delivery of healthcare, including risk and compliance management, e-learning, people and asset management.

Managing Director of Agilio Software (Dental), Andy Sloan, said: “I’m thrilled to welcome Tony, Garron and the team to the Agilio family and look forward to introducing new, exciting products that leverage CARAGON’s data management and integration expertise with our market-leading dental solutions. For example, combining CARAGON’s Automated Associate Pay with Agilio’s iTeam software will allow us to create a fully automated end-to-end people management solution.

CARAGON is a like-minded business with a shared view of customers being true partners and striving to add unique value to their companies.”

CARAGON’s CEO and Co-Founder, Tony Rudden said: “This is a very exciting opportunity for CARAGON, our team and our customers.  Agilio and CARAGON joining forces will allow us to accelerate the number of integrations we provide and create more automated solutions for our clients.

Becoming part of Agilio family provides us with the benefits of shared resources and a common infrastructure while retaining the freedom to enable the CARAGON team to focus on what we do best – data process automation for Dental Corporates “

Garron Mosley, CARAGON’s CTO and Co-Founder, said: “This is a significant milestone for the CARAGON team, who have worked incredibly hard over the past few years to create unique solutions. It has become apparent to me as we have worked with Agilio that their expertise in a number of areas will enable the company to offer new and innovative solutions to the ever-evolving needs of our customers. The acquisition will give our team greater opportunities, resources and skill sets. We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and look forward to working together with Agilio to deliver exceptional value.“

Agilio Software’s CEO, Neil Laycock said: “When it comes to data, CARAGON’s expertise and reputation are second to none in the dental sector. Their customer-centric ethos and offering are highly complementary to that of Agilio, and together we can further develop the digital platforms our customers need to streamline their processes and grow their businesses.

We are really excited to move into an area that already brings significant benefits to the dental sector and advances our mission of using technology to optimise healthcare operations so we can improve frontline care.”

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