GDC opens renewal period for dental care professionals


  Posted by: Dental Design      10th June 2024

The General Dental Council (GDC) has today (10 June) opened the annual renewal period for dental care professionals (DCPs).

This crucial process ensures that DCPs remain on the UK register and continue to provide essential dental care to patients.

Key renewal steps

To streamline the renewal process, the GDC has outlined three straightforward steps for DCPs to complete by the respective deadlines:

  • Pay the Annual Retention Fee (ARF) of £96 by 31 July.
  • Indemnity cover: Ensure indemnity cover is in place, or will be, by 31 July.
  • Complete a CPD statement by 28 August: DCPs must check they have completed the minimum number of CPD hours for their cycle and at least 10 CPD hours within the last two years.

The GDC’s enhanced CPD guidance provides detailed information on CPD verifiable requirements, and the evidence needed.

DCPs in the final year of their CPD cycle can apply for a grace period via their eGDC account. This allows an extra eight weeks to complete their hours if they need a little more time to meet their end of cycle CPD requirements. This must be submitted by 31 July.

For detailed guidance on the renewal process, DCPs should visit their eGDC account. The platform offers a convenient way to manage renewals, check CPD hours and update personal details.

New this year: Working patterns survey

The GDC has introduced a short, voluntary survey to gather data on the working patterns of DCPs, as it did with dentists as part of their renewal. The survey, completed via the eGDC platform during the renewal process, will ask questions about where DCPs work, the type of care they provide, and their weekly working hours. Responses to the survey will improve the sector’s understanding of dental professionals’ working patterns.

Importance of timely renewal

The GDC encourages all DCPs to pay their ARF, complete their CPD statement, and ensure their indemnity cover is in place by the deadlines. Failing to complete their renewal by 31 July could result in removal from the UK register, which means they will no longer be able to legally practise in the UK. 

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