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The secret weapon against bad breath

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  Posted by: Dental Design      12th February 2024

Halitosis can be debilitating for patients, knocking their confidence in a variety of social settings. You can provide an effective resolution with the 12-Hour Fresh Breath Oral Rinse from The Breath Co, for an unconditional guarantee to stop bad breath.

Patients will be thankful for the instant impact, as well as the choice between a mild mint and icy mint flavour. The patented formula uses the natural germ fighting power of oxygen to attack the source of malodour, disrupting it effectively, even in the worst cases of bad breath.

It can be used daily, without any burning to completely minimise irritation. The alcohol-free formula is also vegan and gluten free, making it suitable for a wide variety of patients.

To learn more about the oral rinse that is restoring confidence in the daily lives of people all across the UK, contact the team today.

For more information about The Breath Co, please visit

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