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Looking beyond the crowd: becoming a successful implant dentist

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  Posted by: Dental Design      7th December 2023

Pursuing a career in dental implantology can open up many different pathways: but getting to a place where you feel confident enough to take advantage of these possibilities takes time. Implant dentistry is one of the fastest growing modalities in the field, with many professionals flocking to develop their skills and confidence, grow their business and establish a reputation. With so many peers taking this route, you may fall into the comparison game: one that encourages demotivation. Ultimately, your career as a successful implant dentist depends on developing professional confidence and self-assurance. Doing so allows you to focus on the goals you set, and what you need to do to exceed them.

Is comparison truly the thief of joy? 

It goes without saying that dentistry is an intensely competitive environment. You must continue working hard to maintain your skills, building on them and learning more as your career progresses. However, it can be far too easy to develop a limited mindset, one that encourages you to feel dispassionate and lacking in confidence – this can largely be fuelled by comparison.

Dentistry is in equal parts challenging as it is rewarding, but in the wrong conditions the more challenging parts can take their toll. Without the right support or self-governance, the prospect of training in a new area may start to feel further away and less attainable. There are also many mental barriers that can impede success, like comparing oneself to peers and the progress they have made. Becoming embroiled in the comparison game can put your professional and personal development at a standstill. When you focus on your own development, and prioritise your confidence, you’ll be able to take new challenges by the horns. Becoming professionally confident takes time, but the benefits are far-reaching and can enrich your career to the fullest.

Confidence in your clinical abilities is not only vital for your career progression and job satisfaction,[i] but it is also a key player in providing an exceptional experience for patients. According to the Consumer Oral Health Survey,[ii] trust is important to patients, in addition to feeling that their dentist will ensure the health of their teeth. Having a higher sense of clinical confidence contributes to a more successful and proactive professional-patient relationship, as you will be able to carry out procedures more assuredly, improve communication with patients and feel able to cope with the demands of the job.

Putting confidence in the spotlight

Before anything else, confidence starts with a change in mindset. Where negative comparison can trigger distraction and a lack of progress, positive comparison can be the fuel you need to make the necessary changes for your progression. It is a mindset that encourages innovation – a crucial part of establishing professional goals and finding the pathway needed to reach them. Once you have established this, you have set a healthy foundation to start developing your skillset and your professional confidence. If becoming an implant dentist is your goal, it is vital to have the right support around you. Having colleagues and other professionals to lean on, and glean advice and guidance from, can help to foster positive connections and may also bolster your confidence in the process. It would be especially prudent to make connections with those who are also on their journey in implant dentistry, or who have established themselves in the field for some time. Keeping in the industry loop, through attending events or other professional conferences will allow you to stay abreast of any upcoming opportunities, or new techniques, modalities and research. Accumulating knowledge is a surefire way to build confidence, especially the confidence needed to begin your journey in an area of dentistry new to you.

Dentistry is rife with high-quality training opportunities, but it is important to find a training pathway that suits your schedule and will provide you with the best possible opportunities. That includes a high-quality curriculum, compiled using the latest research and headed by passionate professionals who provide support every step of the way. Anthogyr, a Straumann Group brand, offers dental professionals the Implant Conneqt course – a high-grade, accessible training course for implant dentistry. Delivered by world-leading clinicians and instructors, Implant Conneqt provides an excellent environment in which to further your skills, knowledge and confidence. Delegates also receive one-to-one sessions with a leadership development specialist, helping them effectively manage course requirements. Plus, the course guarantees that all delegates will place and restore up to 10 dental implants.  

Opportunities for greatness

Dentistry is a comprehensive career pathway, one ripe with opportunities to carve out a career you can be proud of. There are barriers to getting to where you want to be, but with the right support, training and network around you, you can work towards gaining confidence in all of your professional endeavours. 

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