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“It is a real pleasure working with RPA Dental”

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  Posted by: Dental Design      4th December 2023

Dr Mehdi Yazdi, Principal at Crown Bank Dental and Implant Centre, recently joined other colleagues on an exclusive trip to Bologna as a guest of RPA Dental, to find out more about how the products are created by Cefla. He says:

“This trip was a generous, thoughtful and kind gesture from RPA Dental.

“It was also a fantastic opportunity to see, first-hand, the high standards of care and attention that go into the manufacturing of the equipment we, as dentists and business owners, use.

“At the Cefla factory, we saw how the units are assembled and tested. It was great to meet some of the people responsible for supplying the machinery I rely on every day.

“It has been a real pleasure working with RPA Dental over the last five years. They give me on-going support and guidance, to ensure our practice can continue to flourish and grow.

“This trip showed me I am an appreciated customer and I am very grateful for the experience.”

For more detail about the Cefla solutions available through RPA Dental in the UK, please visit, call 08000 933 975 or email

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