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Do you know where your equipment comes from?

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  Posted by: Dental Design      20th November 2023

Really knowing where your equipment comes from goes far beyond simply identifying the brand name. It means understanding how the product is fabricated, how the technologies integrate and why it operates in the way that it does. The benefit for you and your team is that this enhanced knowledge of your equipment will allow you to properly utilise its features, elevating the quality of patient care delivered while further streamlining the professional workflow. What’s more, you will better appreciate how to look after the equipment in terms of on-going maintenance, servicing and internal testing, prolonging the life of the solution for maximum return on investment. 

Miriam Hutchinson, Business Director of Cherrytree Dental in Oxfordshire, and Clinical Director, Dr Niall Hutchinson, were recently invited to see exactly how their dental equipment is designed and manufactured so that they could better understand the technology in their practice. The first of its kind, the trip took them to Bologna, Italy, with RPA Dental to see first-hand the innovation and style of Italian manufacturer Cefla. Miriam comments:

“The trip was a great idea and very well planned. Niall and I felt honoured to be selected to attend because we really rate RPA Dental as a company, and this was a huge gesture of how much they value our custom. It was also an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded people from the industry, which enabled us all to exchange ideas and recognise each other’s successes.

“It was both useful and interesting to visit the Cefla factory – it demonstrated the precision that goes into making the equipment in our surgeries, and provided a good understanding of the supply chain and lead times. The sheer scale of the operation and the logistics involved were fascinating, and Umberto [Mara, Regional Sales Manager, Cefla] was an engaging speaker and tour guide. I think we all enjoyed seeing the latest innovations before their general release. Lunch in the canteen was also a nice touch, and we greatly appreciated the swimming and wine tasting at Palazzo di Varignana, not to mention Saturday morning in Ferrariland!”

Finding an equipment supplier you can trust is just as important as understanding your technologies. This working relationship must be built on mutual respect and honesty, and it’s essential to share an ethos for excellence. The quality of the customer service provided will also determine the success of the relationship over time. Miriam considers why she and her team have continued to work with RPA Dental over the past few years:

“Cherrytree’s relationship with RPA Dental sprang from a chance meeting with Pete [Higson] and Adam [Shaw] at a 2016 dental show when Niall and I arrived on their stand (lured by a very attractive, silver Castellini chair) as they were trying to pack up. In their usual affable and professional way, they immediately switched into (low-key) sales mode and humoured us; by the end of that summer, they had refurbished our whole practice, becoming firm friends along the way.

“In the meantime, we have not only continued to employ RPA Dental’s maintenance and servicing – (Tony is a star, by the way!) – but also have purchased our large equipment from RPA Dental wherever possible. It goes without saying that we recommend the company to everyone.

“Clearly, we could have gone with another dental company back in 2016, but I doubt very much that any other could call itself genuinely ‘full-service’; certainly, Pete’s project management skills and Jamie [Peter]’s technical expertise are second to none. With a strong family ethos and other family members behind the scenes, RPA Dental conveys a sense of solid reliability, with the flair and proficiency to keep up-to-date with all the latest trends in dentistry, which is exactly what we endeavour to do here at Cherrytree.”

RPA Dental is proud to supply exceptional services alongside an array of globally-leading solutions from Cefla in the UK, including brands such as Castellini, Stern Weber, Anthos, MyRay, NewTom and Mocom. To find out more about what’s available and how these technologies could elevate your business, visit the website or call the team today.

For more detail about the Cefla solutions available through RPA Dental in the UK,

please visit, call 08000 933 975 or email



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