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Raise your game with BACD Accreditation

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  Posted by: Dental Design      5th June 2023

BACD Accreditation is an opportunity for BACD members to elevate their skills across a wide range of clinical areas and become the very best cosmetic dentist they could possibly be. It allows individuals to demonstrate their passion for education and development, and to receive recognition for the high clinical standards they achieve.

About his own experience of Accreditation, Dr Neil Gerrard says:

“It will raise your game across your entire practice OR the process will lift your entire practice to the next level.”

The application process has been made simpler and easier than ever before, ensuring that many of the cases required for submission are common in every day practice. Dentists are required to show that they can diagnose, plan and execute cosmetic dental treatment in areas such as smile design, shade matching, anterior and posterior restorations, composite bonding, periodontal plastic surgery and more.

This is just one of the educational benefits available to BACD members and another fantastic reason to join the community. Find out more today.


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