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BACD Annual Conference presents headline speaker Dr Frank Spear

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  Posted by: Dental Design      8th January 2023

Renowned worldwide as one of the premier educators in aesthetic and restorative dentistry, Dr Frank Spear delivered a comprehensive full-day session at the BACD 18th Annual Conference in Wales.

Discussing “The Art of Treatment Planning: Integrating Minimally Invasive Principals in the Management of Complex Dental Problems”, he showcased an array of his own astounding cases and advocated for a minimally invasive approach to treatment for as many patients as possible.

Delegate Dr Stuart Goddard of Spires Dental Clinic commented:

“Frank Spear was the reason I came to the Conference. It’s great to see him in person and I really enjoyed the session.”

Dr Sonal Patel said:

“The Conference has provided some really good content and fantastic speakers. I attend the BACD Annual Conference to keep myself up-to-date and to hear from great speakers.”

Next year’s line-up will include Lincoln Harris, Mark Bowes, Howie Gluckman, Nazariy Mykhaylyuk, Anthony Mak and more highly-esteemed speakers – register online today!


BACD 19th Annual Conference

New Horizons

9-11 November 2023


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