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BACD relaunches Accreditation

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  Posted by: The Probe      5th August 2022

The BACD has now relaunched its Accreditation programme, making it easier for members to demonstrate their skills in all areas of cosmetic dentistry.

The application process now requires fewer photos than before and utilises a points system. Points are earned through case submissions in specific areas, as well as attending postgraduate education, giving lectures or having work published – many of which most professionals will already have. There are various case types to cover for dentists and dental technicians, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience for every candidate.

BACD Accreditation is an accolade to share with colleagues and patients alike. It recognises your dedication to self-improvement, shows the high standards that you achieve and offers another reason for others to trust in your skills for their care or their patient’s care.

For all full BACD members, the Accreditation process is now simpler than ever. Why not start your journey to Accreditation and earn recognition for your commitment to excellence in cosmetic dentistry?


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