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Introducing the BACD Young Dentist Conference 2022

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  Posted by: The Probe      29th June 2022

The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD) is renowned across the profession for its world-class education and learning opportunities. However, it is much more than that – it is also a community of dental professionals that share a passion and a drive for clinical excellence and career development. 

For dentists in their first few years post qualification, this is a fantastic community to be a part of. Not only do you gain access to all of the education and training on offer, but you can also surround yourself with some of the most highly skilled, respected and forward-thinking clinicians in the business.

There is nowhere better to get a taste for everything that the BACD provides than at the dedicated BACD Young Dentist Conference 2022.

This year’s event will be bigger than ever, offering a new two-day format for the first time. This is reflective of the demand for training and support for dentists in their initial years in the profession, as well as the BACD’s commitment to colleagues starting out in their careers.

Dr Stewart Beggs, Chair of the BACD Young Membership Committee, offers further insight into why this change was important:

“This year’s programme encompasses a range of both clinical and non-clinical topics to ensure a well-rounded event. It covers everything from dental implants and aligner treatment, to communication skills and how to ensure you stand out as an associate. Speakers will also talk about their own career journeys and the pitfalls they have faced, providing inspiration and guidance for young dentists to build their own path. The extensive programme also offers delegates greater flexibility – you can attend for both days or just one as you wish.”

As Stewart suggests, the diverse programme will deliver a wealth of practical information and advice for young dentists attending to take away and apply to their own situations. Industry-leading speakers will discuss lab communication and materials, patient marketing and treatment acceptance, social media and managing finances. From a clinical perspective, there will be sessions offering top tips on composite bonding, introducing dental implants and discussing the concept of ‘slow dentistry’. Speakers will include Dr Sandy Shergill, Dr Simon Chard, Dr Chris Leech, Dr Mike Gow and several others. 

Dr Lydia Sharples, BACD Director of Membership, adds:

“The topics have been designed to support the young self-employed dentist to thrive in both clinical and business areas. We are looking at subjects not covered at university or during the FD year. That means the event is perfect for all dentists in their first few years in dentistry – whether you wish to start transitioning into the private sector, to build on your current private work or to upskill and upgrade your existing private services. There will also be useful insights and support for students and FDs to utilise, so it’s open to everyone. The goal is to help you stand out from the crowd, to give you confidence to go for your dream associate job and the clinical skills to deliver exceptional yet highly efficient dentistry.

“From personal experience, I can say that I wouldn’t have the job I have now, or made the clinical progress that I have, if I didn’t attend BACD events as a young dentist – especially the Young Dentist Conference and BACD Annual Conference. These allowed me to aim higher and learn invaluable clinical tips, which all had huge knock-on effect for my career. The BACD has really shaped my career so far and I would encourage all colleagues to get involved as early on in their own careers as they can!”

Of course, the BACD Young Dentist Conference is not just about learning skills. The now two-day event offers double the networking and double the fun, with even more opportunities to engage with speakers, BACD members and peers at a similar level to yourself. A selection of organisations will be on hand to offer product-specific advice relating to sessions, including headline sponsor Voco. There also will be a complementary drinks reception on Friday after the event, as well as a party hosted by Boutique Whitening in the evening.

Lydia says:

“We handpicked the sponsors and industry supporters to include companies and individuals you can add to your network to help you fly as an associate and deliver the kind of work and quality of work you aspire to. We’re very pleased to work with Voco as our lead sponsor and are looking forward to Boutique Whitening’s afterparty!”

Ensuring it’s not all work and no play, the BACD Young Dentist Conference will also be the perfect place to enjoy some time with colleagues outside the practice, to have fun with friends and meet new people. For Stewart, the community and networking aspects of the BACD are among its greatest strengths:

“Aside from the brilliant speakers and sessions, this will be quite a social event. This is really important, especially since the last couple of years made it so difficult for young dentists to go out and meet peers outside friendship groups from university. The Young Dentists Conference provides a good opportunity to meet others at a similar stage of their careers and get involved with the BACD.

“This networking is a key aspect of BACD membership. It’s an essential feature of all events from the Annual Conference to regional meetings, where there are some really big names to hear from and interact with. The BACD has certainly been a driving force in my career so I want to help others get the same benefits. The whole premise is to promote ethical cosmetic dentistry and it is a fantastic community to be a part of – I have made loads of great friends.”

What are you waiting for? register for the BACD Young Dentist Conference online today!


BACD Young Dentist Conference 2022

17 September

The Edwardian Hotel, Manchester


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