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Looking forward to the Eighteenth BACD Annual Conference 2022 – ‘On the Shoulders of Giants’?  You should be!

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  Posted by: The Probe      29th April 2022

Last year was the first BACD Annual Conference after the pandemic, and it was certainly a great way for everyone to come back with a bang! The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD) will continue the success of last’s year event with an exciting range of educational opportunities and speakers, as well as a chance to mingle and socialise at this year’s Annual Conference. Plus, the venue is the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Wales, a stone’s throw away from The Celtic Manor Resort, where there may be time to fit in a quick round of golf…

The BACD is delighted to announce an exceptional, world-renowned clinician as the headline speaker for this year – Dr Frank Spear! Dr Spear has earned both his dental degree from the University of Washington in 1979, and an MSD in periodontal prosthodontics in 1982. He has also been rewarded with numerous accolades, including the Christensen Award for Excellence in Restorative Education from the Chicago Dental Society, the Saul Schluger Memorial Award for Excellence in Diagnosis and Treatment Planning from the Seattle Study Club and the first ever Charles Pincus – Ronald Goldstein Lifetime Achievement Award in Esthetic Dentistry. 

The BACD is proud to have worked with Dr Spear previously, and are honoured to have him accept their invitation to speak at this year’s Annual Conference. He’ll be presenting a lecture, “Integrating Minimally Invasive Concepts in Complex Treatment Plans”, for the whole day. Dr Spear shares some insight:

“Typically, when we think about minimally invasive concepts, we think about tiny burrs or no-tooth preparation or minimal-tooth preparation. But I’m not going to be talking about that, instead I’m taking the overall concept that drives minimally invasive dentistry,” he says.

“The person who I think distilled it the best for me was a dentist who was a hero for many people in the US in the 60s and 70s, named Bob Barkley. Bob was a preeminent restorative dentist, and he wrote this wonderful book which contains my favourite quote, ‘The goal of dentistry is to make the patient worse at the slowest possible rate’. I really think this is the core goal of introducing minimally invasive concepts, asking ourselves the question, how do we treat patients who have more complicated problems, but make them worse at the slowest possible rate?”

So, what can delegates expect from Dr Spear’s lecture? He continues:

“We’re going to be talking about topics like significant apical resorption, internal resorption, external resorption, ankylosis and horizontal root fracture. I’ll also be discussing patients who have existing maxillary anterior fixed partial dentures – in this scenario, the abutment teeth have already been prepared and the question is do you consider converting them to an implant and single crown, or do we give them another fixed partial denture? And how do we make these kinds of decisions?

“So, these are the kinds of topics that I’ll cover throughout the day – it’s going to be a really fun day for me to present and I’m very excited! We’ve also been joking a bit back and forth about playing some golf at The Celtic Manor Resort, and whether to have a mini dental Ryder Cup of US vs UK, but I think we’ll wait and see what the weather will be like!

“I look forward to seeing you all at this year’s event!”

Dr Spear will be delving into themes that are essential for all dental professionals, and will get delegates thinking about how they consider minimally invasive concepts. This lecture really sets the tone for the whole event, so make sure you book your place!

Alongside Dr Spear, there will be plenty of other inspiring speakers to share their thoughts and insights on a range of topics regarding cosmetic dentistry. Plus, who can say no to a great evening, with wonderful food and socialising? The Gala Dinner, for the past seventeen Annual Conferences, has always been a hit and this year will be no different! This black-tie event gives all delegates the chance to get suited and booted, relax and enjoy some time to unwind with peers and friends.

Despite all the challenges that the profession has faced over the past few years, the BACD is proud to have this unmissable event back up and running for the second year in a row. Make sure to keep an eye on the BACD’s website and social media platforms for more information, such as the line-up of speakers, their lectures and the topics that will be explored.

So, don’t forget to mark the date – 10th-12th November 2022 – and be a part of the most highly-anticipated dental event of the year! 


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