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  Posted by: The Probe      7th December 2021

Give your patients the smile they deserve with Straumann® Emdogain®. A unique protein mix that encourages efficient wound healing and closure in oral cavities. 

Oral regeneration has been revolutionised by modern biomaterials which can really change a patient’s life. Only use the golden standard and potentially save teeth with this safe, easy, and predictable biomaterial.

Healing can be an uncomfortable and drawn-out process but with Emdogain® the healing progression for your patients is accelerated. As well as this, you will be able to grant them with a product that aids minimal discomfort, less swelling and a faster recovery.

With faces on screens more frequently than ever, aesthetics are important to everyone. Initiating a natural recovery with this product leads to aesthetically pleasing outcomes, leaving you and your patients satisfied!


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