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  Posted by: The Probe      25th November 2021

Dental nurses possess qualities that are crucial when maintaining positive relationships with patients and colleagues. They are selfless, discreet and hardworking – but many have struggled these past 18 months.

The pandemic saw a period of increased job instability, with many individuals unsure as to whether they’d cope with the resulting decreased or increased hours, or even potential redundancy. Research[i] has shown that 70% of UK adults believe that unemployment and job insecurity are harmful to mental health, with 1 in 4 feeling unsupported during these times. Subsequently, the quality of home and family life may decline, with thoughts of career expansion being pushed on the backburner.

At Colosseum Dental UK, we want dental nurses to feel stable not just in their jobs, but in their personal life too. We know that our team work to their fullest potential when they feel supported, and we offer numerous benefits which help members regain their work life balance. We want you to feel secure in your role, and confident when thinking about your career and where you’d like to take it. The possibilities are endless here at Colosseum Dental UK.

Strike a balance

A recent study[ii] explored the effect of the pandemic on dental nurses. When queried about employer support, one in five participants claimed to be either unhappy or extremely unhappy with the support received by their employer. Additionally, 66% reported that the past 18 months had a negative or extremely negative impact on their mental health, with 65% of participants claiming that they considered leaving dentistry altogether. 

Stressors from both your working and personal life can make balancing both, alongside mental health, strenuous. Research[iii] has shown that tension in the home increases with rising levels of perceived job insecurity; patients with children may be more vulnerable to experience stress from combining childrearing with working.[iv]

Being a dental nurse is gratifying, and the job is rich in opportunities to progress.

However, feelings of instability and uncertainty can get in the way. At Colosseum Dental UK, we recognise that a good work life balance equals a more dedicated and focused team. Here are just some of the benefits we provide to show that we care more:

  • Workplace Nursery – save NI and Tax on up to 100% of your fees
  • Holiday Purchase Scheme – enjoy a better work life balance
  • Birthday day off – so you can enjoy your special day with those you love

Other benefits include Discounted Gym Membership and Discount Club Savings, so you can get fit and enjoy yourself every now and then!

Endless possibilities at your fingertips

Once you’ve established balance between your working and personal life, you can focus on pushing your career to its limits. In our supportive and positive environment, our dental nurses have opportunities to get where they want to be. We have high standards of clinical governance and support, access to various CPD training, as well as GDC Membership and Indemnity fees paid for! Secure hours with flexible working options means you can decide what best works for you.

Being a dental nurse might be only the beginning for you. You may wish to acquire additional skills, such as taking radiographs, shade taking or intra- and extra-oral photography.

You might wish to become a lead dental nurse or head of decontamination. Or you could decide to delve into the world of management and become a practice manager, which has pathways to other managerial positions, such as area or regional manager. Career progression is one of our many passions, and we’re dedicated to ensuring you have everything you need to get where you want to be. 

Our dental nurses are integral to our team, but we also recognise that they are individual. When you go above and beyond in your role, we want you to know that we appreciate it. With our Colosseum Reward and Recognition Programme, you’ll be rewarded for all your hard work and dedication.

Feel secure, confident and in control

Do you feel stable in your job? Do you feel supported and able to progress, if you decided to? At Colosseum Dental UK, these are guaranteed.

The stresses that come with keeping on top of work and personal life may push the desire for progression to the bottom of your priorities. However, we want our team to achieve great things and to prove that anything is possible. We want to banish the stress of job insecurity, so you feel stable and in-control. Whether you want to become head of safeguarding, an implant dental nurse or treatment co-ordinator, rest assured that you’ll be supported every step of the way.

So, why not get in touch today and have a chat about becoming a member?


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